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Forced to take contract?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by guts, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Playing 360 with controller. Been trying to complete 7 season career since December. Have had to start over 6 times due to corrupt profile.

    Currently driving Ferrari in second season with 3 races to go, the only contract I have is from Force India and I am not being allowed to decline the offer. Needles to say I don't want to drive for them after driving the Ferrari.

    Anyone else had this issue? Would really like to finish career before I get 2011.

    On a side note I found this forum by searching for help with set-ups. I would like to thank everyone posting those, it has helped a great deal.
  2. I'm still in my first of a seven seasons career on the PC, i'm into Malaysia now i mostly race online which is why i i'm not progressing through the career very fast. In fact caeer mode has come to a standstill for now, my username online is cavalier roy (not a name i picked) and i am ranked 28 with 46 race wins so far. Anyway i did have some problems with the game saving after Melbourne which i had to do 3 times in thje end because when i would load my game in stead of getting ready to start practise or once the race at Malaysia i was back at the end of qualifiying for Melbourne. I'm not sure if thats because of doing online races before and after completing the Melbourne race or what but i'm pritty sure the game autosaved after the Melbourne race. Maybe i should also do manual savegames before exiting the game to make sure everything is saved.
  3. Guts, did you pick a Ferrari driver as your rival in season 1? if you did you probably beat him over the course of the season and as such offered his drive (something codies including in order to satisfy the needs of people wanting to drive the fastest cars). the thing that they dont mention is that if you are not on the driver experience level (e.g. level 33 needed for ferrari and you are level 21) needed to obtain a drive for you team by the end of the following season (regardless of performance i.e. WDC etc) they will not offer you a drive. you will only recieve offers from teams with your driver level (in your case it seems Force India).

    now the way you can get around this is... who have you selected as your championship rival? if you beat them over the course of the season, you will be offered their drive at the end of the season. only fall back being if you don't beat them, i think you then only get offers from HRT, Virgin and Lotus (not 100% thats correct but im pretty sure)

    so that leaves you with 2 options:

    1. take the offer from Force india


    2. Risk it for a chocolate biscuit and beat your championship rival and take their drive next season, but if you fail, end up at a much slower team than Force India..

    Hope this helps
  4. Thanks for the input Ryan.
    Looks like the reason I only have a contract for Force India is because I picked one of their cars as a rival (figured it was a safe bet to beat him) and only back up to 25 experience, should have gone with Hamilton in the McClaren. D'oh!

    Looks like I'm driving Force India for season 3.
    Have had my 360 for 3 years now and have never gone online. Just started a new job, can maybe afford to do that soon. Can't wait.

    Thanks again.
  5. ah, well i would reccomend joining the Pro-am that is on the site, its really well organised and is quite relaxed for when you do sign up to xbox live.