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Skins Force India VMJ 06 with flat nose 1.2.1


  1. RicsiLOl submitted a new resource:

    Force India VMJ 06 with flat nose (version 1.0) - force,india,vmj,06,ricsilol,flat,nose


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  2. screens??
  3. Please wait a moment you're too faast :)
  4. Pictures uploaded
  5. sorry haha :thumbsup:
  6. wow thats cool is it using the marussia model?
  7. Yes theoriginalskunk wanted it to be on marussia model
  8. aswsome dude cheers
  9. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Nothing is in the correct place really.

    The paintwork is off.....just for example the orange paint on the top panels of the car.

    The UB Group logo is in the wrong place and half of it is missing.

    The front suspension strut is cutting into the Whyte & McKay logo.

    The side logos are wrongly positioned as is the green paint work there.

    Still needs a lot of work to make it look like the correct paintwork.
  10. also your missing the medion sponser and the tw steel logos of the side near driver and all the buttons on the nose like natural but great starting point
  11. Not too hard work, much copy and paste took on my VMJ 06
  12. It's in the description "The car's not 100% accurate so help me with telling the wrong parts please!"
  13. Everywhere Marussia Car :D Why anyone don't trying to change Cars model..i think that is possible meanwhile Good Job
  14. u need to make the back wing all white get rid of that black bit

    and you need the tw steel logos on the side near drivers arm
  15. Wow! In game it looks really nice!