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Skins Force India VJM06 Mercedes 1.0


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  1. Great thanks. :)
  2. Again a fantastic work.Keep up! :D.By the way this isn't has specocc problems like the previous version had?
  3. YabaTabaDoo, Thanks one more ... :geek:
  4. What problem?
  5. Thanks again for the great work done ... Warok ... Thank you .. thank you .. thank you ....:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  6. In your previous version what you released long ago the old logos could be seen.That what i asked.I asked if you did the specocc properly this time.
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  7. Thanks for great job,warok!
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  8. I have to modify the specocc (but not many), thus has to verify if the problem persists
  9. Thanks;)
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  10. :cool: Thanks Warok, also for your amazing other cars :thumbsup:
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