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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

Skins Force India SMIRNOFF Update (Car, Helmets, Suits) 1.5

Puts a SMIRNOFF Logo on the Car, Helmets, Suits

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  1. Hi TrollingDerpGuy, the job is amazing!! Is Possible the Manor Marussia with the total skin?
  2. A few logos can be added but the blue sidepod with flexbox is impossible because the whole car will be blue then
  3. I understand, but if you use the Mano Marussia car F1 2014 and adapted to work in F1 2015? Is Possible?
  4. Its the same model
  5. Do you know what is camera files? :thumbsup::)
  6. No, Noone knows
  7. Reckon you could do it as it was in Canada without the blue?
  8. With the airbnd logo? That is possible
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  9. Should i do it?
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    This is my idea TrollingDerpGuy to make please the Manor Marussia F1 Skin, the Flex-Box logo in blue/red and the airbnb logo white.
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  11. Flex box is impossible!!
  12. You should yes! :)
  13. Maybe the race overalls they had then too?
  14. Guys, Ive tried to do it but i ended up resulting in a white car with airbnb everywhere , So sorry its impossible :(
  15. Thats a shame :/ thanks for trying though, I read somewhere Codemasters are planning on doing an update to the cars soon so maybe then, is the McLaren moddable? Just thinking about having it back in the chrome
  16. Well, if they are updating it there is no need to mod it because all the new logos are on it then :p
  17. Where did you read that? Can you still remember?
  18. It was on the codies forum, i'll try and get a link :) it was posted at the end of last month they are working on something for the cars from what I could tell from what they put
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