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Force Feedback settings

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by George Pilkington, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys
    can you tell me what force feedback settings you use on Iracing please?
  2. I have the logitech momo and I have it set for the game to control it. Then I have the in game set at 12, due to any higher than that just feels too strong. That and when it's set higher I feel as if I'm going to break the wheel if I jerk it around trying to catch a spin or something. 12 feels good as it isn't too strong while driving but gets strong enough when I think it should. Example would be in the F1 in the chicane turn fast right to left has a good deal of FFB to get it to turn but when you start to spin it almost but now quite completely loose but close.
  3. In the logitech thing: 100% strength, 0% everything else with the self centre ticked, and I use 650 degrees lock (the only reason I don't use 900 is because I kept taking off with the wheel at 360 degrees without realising, and you shouldn't have to use that much lock in a race car anyway). In iRacing I set the FFB strength between 8-12 depending on what car. For most cars 12 is good. :)

    If you don't think you are getting enough info from the FFB you could try setting the logitech strength to 150%, then set it to 5-6 in iRacing. It emphasises the more subtle forces, I used to run it like this but went back to more regular settings which I prefer. Everyone is different though so if you aren't satisfied with the first set of settings I mentioned give this a try.

    EDIT: I use a logitech G25
  4. 12 is too high, it'll clip with a G25 or G27. You can perhaps go that high in the Solstice but I still wouldn't go above 9.

    4-7 is about the right range for most cars if you're running 101% in the Logitech Profiler.

    Also don't run anything less than maximum wheel rotation. iRacing automatically adjusts it for each car and by reducing it you'll get weird steering ratios with some cars.

    Don't do that, it'll clip like crazy. Might as well just run a centering spring at those levels.

    @ George Pilkington

    What wheel are you using?

    If its a G25/G27, run these settings in the profiler.


    There can be an issue running 0% with the centering spring unticked, however it seems to be fine in iRacing with the newest wheel drivers.

    Then run between 4-7 ingame, you can use 9-11 for the Solstice but only because it has really spongy power steering.
  5. Man you have no idea :)

    I had the Momo Rcing, G25, G27 and now GT3RSV2. You are in for a real treat when you decide to upgrade ;)
    It will be like night and day m8 :)
  6. Well a little birdy on RD is selling me his G25 at a price that I can afford, and I can't wait for it to arrive! Perhaps it will not come off my desk during a race like the MoMo did... hahahahaha
  7. LOL :D

    Yea the clamp seems to be abit better for sure. Wait till you feel the fidelity... ;)
  8. James is right about profiler settings and in game settings. You want to be able feel what the car is doing and not have it over shadowed by the FFB being over emphasized and hiding the subtle changes. I usually have mine set to 5 in game. This really helps with cars like the skip that like to step out on you, you can feel the weight transfer and catch it before it is to late. On cars with power steering I will up the ffb to 8 or so. There was a big write up on the old iracing forums about this. My profiler settings match James except my overall is 107% and I have the self centering spring checked.
  9. Wicked Guys, thank you very much. Will try those settings and report back.
  10. 101, 0, 0, 0, 540 degrees, In-game at 2 or 3.
  11. I use a G27 wheel btw.
  12. 101%,0,0,0 6-9 FFB in game. 900 degrees in windows and in game. Job done.
  13. Ah ha! So that's why my G27 was slightly rattling while driving the Skippy and Lotus. Mostly drive with the MX-5, Star Mazda and DP and the FFB settings are just like Stuart's above and but had the FFB in game at around 12 and there was no clipping with those cars. Good to know. Will adjust and try later.
  14. If you were running 101% with 12 ingame on the DP it will have been clipping. I run 4 in the DP, and that's still strong.
  15. Yeah just tried out the DP now James, and FFB in game was set at 12 and there is no clipping with the above settings. However, after briefly testing out your suggestions for in game FFB, 12 is really strong so lowered it to 6 and feels better for my preference. Skippy feels alot better too with FFB in game at 6 and I'm not abusing my G27 anymore.
  16. Wow--interesting thread. I was way off on my strength settings!! I've been running 17 so I'm probably missing alot of feedback clues. I run the Logitech Momo like Joe and have also come to the conclusion that it is a steaming pile. I have found setting the rotation in game to 450 seems to be a good compromise for me. Next purchase is a G27 for sure....

    BTW...what do you guys mean by clipping???
  17. Exactly what i was gonna ask. I presume it's means the forces are too high so you miss the important subtle effects that give the most info. So instead of feeling those effects you just feel that one big effect.

    My sweet point with the Riley is 10 but i use a Fanatec wheel so maybe it's different. The only car i have felt i have really had to adjust from default was the V8 Falcon which has FFB that is just stupidly strong
  18. The wheel can only output a certain maximum force. The absolute maximum force from the game you should feel should be the max your wheel can output. If you turn the FFB up too high you'll end up with it outputting its maximum force for relatively small ingame forces. You'll lose a lot of the subtle differences in the FFB, as basically everything will feel the same through the wheel.

    A small amount of clipping can be acceptable, say when your hammering curbs for instance. When its not acceptable is when you have the FFB so high that most of the forces that the sim outputs is the maximum force your wheel can output.

    Its difficult to explain, think of the wheel forces like a sound wave and how that can clip and have reduced dynamic range.
  19. Thanks James....having been an audio engineer that analogy makes perfect sense...thanks!!!
  20. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Depends on car. I tried FFB off with the V8 and its brilliant. 3 for Mazda MX-5, 4 for F1 etc. I like to have maximum control without having too much FFB.