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Force Feedback Problems after Caterham install

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by [FU] Tafelzwerk, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Hallo guys,

    I got some problems with my force feedback settings. Before I installed Caterham I setted them to:


    But now there are some more setting to edit. The Problem is, the car drives diffent now. Can anybody tell me the settings for my "normal force feedback"?

    Hope you can help me!
  2. Can you tell us a little more about which Controller you are using.
    I found that I had to create a new controller profile, and just experiment with some of the main settings, till I found something that I liked.
  3. steam folder

    also there is a new folder in your steam profile where you can tweak every single setting (more than enough for me) by hand, using wordpad.
    the only thing that seems to be gone for good with my saitek r440 wheel is the nice feel of the curbs, no matter how much i tweak ... a shame
  4. I got the Logitech Momo Racing.

    The problem for me: there are too many settings that i can change. Befor installing the update it was really easy to set the force feedback. But now you can optimize 1000 of different things; that is not what i want. I want it the easy way, like before. Just one option.

    And now I ask, if someone could tell me the "difficult settings" so that I can handle the car the same as with the easy setting.

    No matter what I do, the car drives different then before. I got the following settings before caterham (like I already said).

    FF Efects: Max
    FF Intensity: 30 %

    Sorry for my english ... ^^

    thanks for helping me ...
  5. Its still a little difficult to advise because I'm not sure what you are finding different ie. too much ffb or not enough ffb, but to give you an idea, this what I changed with my G25 controller to get close to the old feel.
    Effects: Increased from Med to High (however you are already at max)
    FFB Strength: Increased from 75% to 91% (so you may need to increase yours)
    Steering Force: I'm set at 180%

    All the others relate to outside effects such as collision, brake / engine vibration etc. I don't use much of these.

    Sorry I can't help more as my wheel is different but maybe someone else has your wheel and can post their settings.
  6. I'm going to test it a little later. Thanks for your advice; maybe someone got ideas for my steering wheel.
  7. i`ve got the same wheel as you, although i haven`t changed much on the default settings your welcome to try my .rcs file

    pm me your emial address and i`ll send it you :)