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Force Feedback - MS Xbox wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Rees, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I dont play with force feedback but have been having a problem lately with my wheel turning it self off during online races and causing numerous collisions. I think it could be due to the battery pack that i have attached potentialy being on its last legs. If i was to plug in the mains lead adaptor the steering wheel would have no reason to be out of power at any stage.. but - Can you get the wheel to go limp and have zero force feedback with the mains adaptor plugged in? I played last night for one race with the adaptor plugged in and even when i choose to turn off force feedback on the F1 options menu it still felt like i was driving a go-kart.

    Muchos ta.
  2. You also turned off the WHEEL WEIGHT and ENVIRO EFFECTS?
  3. No lol.

    Perhaps thats where im going wrong :)
  4. With the adapter you get much better FFB than with the battery pack. This are the settings I use for my MSwheel.

    Adv Settings
    St deadz 0%
    St Sat 100%
    St Lin 40%
    Thr Dead 0%
    THr Sat 100%
    Br Dead 0%
    Br Sat 100%

    FFB Options
    Env eff 50%
    Feedb St 100%
    Wheel W 50%
  5. Hmm, i might give it a go with your settings.

    I decided not to use FF from the word go with the mains plugged in because

    A - my chair and table set up is quite weak

    B - thought by not using it it will increase the life of my wheel

    and C - When i first tried it didnt like it that much so gave up straight away

  6. get rid of your env and wheel weight.. and u shouldnt feel FFB