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Force feedback cuts out in middle of race

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Robert Stork, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. anyone else have this problem?
    its a pita to deal with mid mutliplayer race
  2. I have had it when the sessions change, and a couple of times mid session too. Not really looked into how to sort it yet though.

    What wheel are you using? I use a DFGT
  3. momo
  4. it happen to me maybe 10 time in 4-5 month it happen when session change as mike said i heard from some 1 that there something you can do so the FFB come back as normal there supose to be a tread about it .
    btw yesterday it happen to a friend in race just when the race start boom no ffb .....

    btw i use g25 so im guessing it a game bug
  5. It's happened to me a while ago 1 - 2 times but not for months, not sure it's a game bug as it used to happen all the time with old wheel on Toca Race driver 3.
  6. I never lost completely the FFB, once I had reduction if I remember correctly...

    Anyway, when that happens, if you can (not always possible), go to the garage (pres Esq.). In there disconnect the wheel (wait for the USB sound), then connect it back in (again wait for USB sound) after (and importantly) go to options - controllers, see your wheel in there and exit the options menu to the pits. Now everything should be ok... (If not likely you are a “ghost” or have some similar game glitch).

    The loss of FFB can be related with many things and usually it is related with deficient client - server connection or some game glitch ("ghosts", no car model loaded and so on). Also don't forget, FFB in a G25 for instances, when used with decent strengths and effects is demanding also on the client machine...
  7. O well I just go to settings/controlls open it up, exit and it works.
    Just wondering if I was the only one with the problem.
  8. I had this problem many times, and makes me very angry... :(

    "...I never lost completely the FFB...." I lost only the centering spring, and the cursbs works well, but very dificult to drive, when the centering spring gone suddenly. And I always notice it on the starting grid, and not time to repair it.....

  9. Simbin Games :glasses-nerdy: ??

    <alt+f> = FFB reset

  10. Hehe, empirical solutions work... but "text book" ones sure look easier and usualy work faster.
    We just have to read the book first... :D
  11. Thanks very much for the tips, this kind of bugs happen to me at the Silverstone event of the STC, during the quali. I know now there is a way to avoid that problem :)
  12. Same here...
  13. well this week i lost ffb in practice mode and i try the alt+f since this post and it FAIL :(... now question is do we really kn ow that this work ? or it just it supose to work loll any 1 lost ffb latly and try alt+f?