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FM4 - Race/League Intrest

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Chris Bell, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. This thread has been made to help anybody who is new, wanting to join in the racing but are a little unsure where to start.

    All you need to do is post here what it is your looking for and we well do our best to help.
  2. Just wanted to gauge interest in a V8 Supercars league? Think it would be good, and think the cars present a challenge that everybody would enjoy/some would excel at.

    Would possibly look into prize money etc nearer the time also.

    would like to get a constructor championship going, and possibly after a shakedown event or two, good teams could be made.

    normal rules would apply, and assists would be pretty much what is allowed now (choice of gear change, racing/brake line).
    I would look into damage if there was interest..

    Please note that I wouldn't be planning on doing any events until one or two series currently taking place come to an end. Simply seeing if there is an interest before i plan anything more.

    Hope some guys are interested and let me know, see the racing on the TV and find they have some great racing and if we could emulate some of that it would be great :)
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  3. Its very good racing from the guys on rfactor who run these cars too granted its a much larger field but i think if we get some of the top guys to look at a standardised setup for the league that could be intresting!! Obviously they need to be very similar too eachother but i think that could help create good racing!!
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  4. Yeah, I was hoping maybe something similar to the CWS could be implemented here, but that could take away from getting setup for a track.. All questions for later though I guess..
  5. il be hosting some public lobbies from time to time to try and drum up intrest in our community, these will be themed to current leagues we are running allong with some random races like BTCC and JDM. i will also post lobbies in here with a theme, as these arnt goning to be racing club races,
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  6. Just to let everyone know il be running a DTM Lobby this friday from 8pm BST (7pm GMT) lets try and drum up some intrest for our community, you guys are welcome to join me
  7. Aren't we racing Clios this Friday?
  8. om not in clios mate but if you are dont worry
  9. It's just timing for me....plus I need to get too grips with tuning....my cars aren't the best at the moment. But getting there.
  10. once you get to grips tony its straght forward, i start off with the lower cars and work up,
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  11. I need to suss out how to load my tuning into my cars for races. Spent ages last night tuning a car and and testing it. Only not to be able to race it online......grrrrrrr!!!!
  12. It (the car or the tune) may not have met the conditions of the race as set by the host.
  13. Ahhhh.... I was working on the Focus 04, and tuned it too C425. I could pick the focus but not use my tuning. poo!
  14. Ahhhh.... I was working on the Focus 04, and tuned it too C425. I could pick the focus but not use my tuning. poo!
  15. It all depends on the game setup. When you host an online lobby you can specify all sorts of criteria such as only allowing stock cars or disallowing setups to much more specific things like allowing up to a specific max HP or minimum weight. If your tune contravened any of those types of restrictions it just won't appear as available to choose.
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  16. Easy chaps.....still wanna get involved. :)
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  17. Hi Tony, you decided what league/club events you want to do??
  18. I ain't got a clue. I am liking the C425 class...
  19. Clios for the last couple? Just to get you introduced to everyone ......
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  20. Yeah may as well give it a go. The Clios bring there own challenge in the fact that they are quite slidy, but rewarding when you get to grips with the car.