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FM4 - Driver Clubs

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Andrew Skinner, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Ok then guys. since most of the community here on forza 4 wanted a drivers club. i have set up the club. you will need to send me a friend request. as reference i will keep all members names and gts in here.

    This club is open to both Licenced and Non Licenced members However Olny Licenced Members will be allowed to enter events such as racing club events
    Also Ensure you have sent a frend request or game invite to Andtidus for club invite (recently found out i can invite recently met)
    Due to random friend requests on xbox live. i am auto deleting requests that dont have messages saying who they are. please state that your from rd after you send a firend request.

    RD Drivers Club - Forza 4 club

    Members bold dictates forum Moderator

    Andrew Skinner / Andtidus / Club Founder / Madcats MC2 wheel / pad / Frantech CSR Elite w G27 Pedals
    Chris Bell / Bellmond570 / Pad + MS Wheel
    Garry Pullen / Crazy BigGaz / Pad
    Chris DiMaso / mediaoffline
    Alfonso Martin / aSeSiNo Elensar / Fanatec 911 Turbo S Wheel, Fanatec Clubsport pedals and Fanatec Sequential Shifter
    Andy Smith / silkyandy x
    Wayne Thomas / defythemachine
    Tom Moreno / TomMoreno
    Ryan Silvester / ry8114
    Steve Freeman / FREAKSTER69
    Alex Townsend / ZeroRisk / Fanatec GT2 wheel with Logitech G27 pedals
    Chris English / TheRealChris
    Karl Reaper / xxkArLo5xx
    Bahji Youssef / Baygie88
    Gavin Hendley / Gavos 2 Base
    Raymond Kok / lawine83
    Daz Webb / Dazmaniac360
    Mike Bell / elite mkb
    Jesper Reimert / Dirtydizko
    Derek McCord / deedok
    Danny O'Neill / XXx OOPs xXX
    Peter Vermeulen / Lowrider Glissa
    Steve Meskens / Belgian Liquid
    Jordan Dixon / A senna 96
    Iain Linwood / linavitch
    David Turner / SeCrEtAs5a5sIn
    Mike Raper / M1LKY8AR K1D
    Alexander Macdonald / Alex20172
    Bradley Capps-Jenner / BDBradley96
    Joe Lund / Liljoe570
    Unknown / USMarshall7
    Unknown / TzGx iLLuSiOnZz
    Richard Hoddinott / Richard Hoddy
    Unknown / winkle1980
    Andrew Pienaar / Hamst3r761
    Grant Foster / Narthes
    Matt Emmens / BTCCGUY

    Listed updated including all current members as of 24/03/2012 (12.09pm) by Garry Pullen
  2. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    Can you send me a invite please. I am already friends with you.

    Garry Pullen / Crazy BigGaz
  3. I will send a friends request within the hour.

    Thanks for setting this up!

    Scott Pultorak / Scotty 510

    Edit: Invite sent and accepted
  4. Just sent a friend request. Looking forward to seeing everyone in game!

    Chris DiMaso / mediaoffline
  5. for the licenced members there is a event on monday at 7.30
  6. Also, send me a request...

    Alfonso Martin / aSeSiNo Elensar

    Lets have fun ;)
  7. sent friend request alfonso, next batch of club invites will be sent out tommrow
  8. I'd like to join this if possible.

    GT (silkyandy x)

    Great game and will be even better with car club events.
  9. cheers andy will send you club invite tommrow, make sure youve sent a friend request to Andtidus invite will be sent tommrow when i get on forza. i added my puegot 908 for the team to use.

    EDIT: next batch of invites sent waiting for friend request from andy smith and alfonsos to be accepted
  10. I added myself. I will join the club on Tuesday. (When i get the game!)
  11. Nice to see people joining! Could make for some great racing and rivals!

    So how many of us are on wheels? I myself am on a Fanatec PWTS and clubsports.

    Maybe next to our GT we can see who's using what? just a suggestion.

  12. thats a good idea scott. im currently using my cheap as chips Madcats Mc2 that cost me £15
  13. Anything's better than a hand controller :D
  14. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    I am using the Xbox 360 controller.

    May get the Speed Wheel in a few months, maybe a Christmas present or buy it myself.
  15. Cheers mate Friends request sent.
  16. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Paulo Ribeiro / driplesspizza5
  17. Can i Join, think im friends with the moderators already i think..
  18. will add u both later today
  19. I also you a Madcatz MC2 but looking to get a CSR.
  20. I'd like to join up as well. I'll send a friend req when I get home...

    Tom Moreno / TomMoreno