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Featured Cars Flat6 Series by Enduracers and GR 1.0

The Flat6 Series rF2 build 1.00 for rFactor2 as standalone mod is now available

  1. Enduracers Flat6 Series.jpg
    The Flat6 GT3 cup car is featured with a high detailed quality model, with lot of details and accuracy for a perfect immersion like in the real car and now available for rFactor 2.

    The cockpit is full of details, the most beautiful paint schemes from the series around the world from the years 2010 to 2013 are included. The car comes with 2 types of sounds, several types of rims.

    The move over rF2 allows more features to be included, such as animated driver, deformable tyres, advanced physics and tyres behavior, and of course a complete refreshment of the reflects, lights and shadings compared to the rF1 version.

    Download Flat6 Series by Enduracers here
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  2. Thanks... really like it!
  3. Bert Austen

    Bert Austen
    Pedal tho the metal Men Premium

    Great detail cars.....unfortunate that the cars go to RF2 with the poor graphics, better was Assetto Corsa for this great cars.....I find this shameful game anno 2015 :notworthy:
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  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    So the most advanced racing sim we have to date is shameful only because of the graphics? What's under the hood of rFactor 2 doesn't count anymore?

    Super that Endurancers and GR stuck with rFactor 2 so we can actually do some proper online racing with this mod in the future. Kudos :thumbsup:
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  5. +1000000000000 man.
    All AC and Pcars did was to create a "new" "sim racer" group that has graphics as #1 priority.

    I'm really happy serious leagues and modders are choosing to stick to rF2 from the 'new' gen of sims.
    Top notch work from Enduracers and GA
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  6. While I agree with you, I still feel like in this day and age, why do we as sim racers have to compromise. Why cant we have both. Im sure for some, if not most people, graphics and sound are a huge part of the immersion as well. Especially when most PCs nowadays can handle it. Just my opinion though. ANYWAY back on topic...Cant wait to get home to try this mod out though.. Love this mod on GSC.
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  7. Still, ISI can't just sit on the "f* graphics, we have the best sim" throne forever. They gotta do the same thing Reiza is doing with their Reiza2015. It's almost a shame. =)
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2015
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  8. Absolutely great work!:thumbsup: I like it a lot:). I can't wait for the Endurance series.:D
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  9. Lars Johansson

    Lars Johansson

    why is people complaining on the rf2 Graphics, for me this game looks better then the other sims, this game is running easy on maxed out on Everything, no other game have those smooth edges on the fence and the White lines it´s very good optimised no lag and ****.
    but hey! I have not tried this mod yet but i´m sure it´s good right.

    Merry chrismas every one. Ho ho ho! :):):)
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  10. Martin Vindis

    Martin Vindis

    I only tried the mod for about an hour while dealing with a hangover but I love the way those cars drive. Like my friend said, they are easy to drive but keeps you on your toes.

    One thing that bugs me tho is the jagged edges around the windscreen, is this due to low res textures and can I do anything about it without getting missmatch online?
  11. The cars themselves wouldn't look any different in AC, the only change would perhaps be the environment reflection on the body. The game itself can look good if the content is textured and modeled to actually look good, the drawback is the huge additional load on our GPU from the DX9-based graphics, as the shadows and reflections are murderous.

    I'd love to see cross-releases between AC and rF2 but honestly, if I am to only have it in one game for now, I'd rather it be rF2. On top of a few points of argument, a big one is simply no 3 different DLC packs to split the community.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2015
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  12. If you think the graphics of rFactor 2 are poor fair enough, but even my mate who is a PS gamer thought "though AC and Project cars might initially look better than rF2", but rF2 seemed to look more realistic and true to life after playing it for a while. Pretty "bloomy & shiny " graphics and a good game engine with dynamic conditions with real road etc are two different things.
    I'm a big fan of AC and Project Cars and several other sims as well, but ill informed comments about rF2 boil my p*ss a bit.
    Just sayin!
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  13. RF2 has its own strengths regarding graphics. If you set the time for near twilight with the sun setting and you have a pc capable of running high settings RF2 looks very natural and realistic. Not sharp, not really colorful but it has a realistic feel which I appreciate.

    I do think it is a bit of a hog on a pc though... my new pc runs it great but RF2 really struggled on my old one where some other sims ran much better FPS at medium settings.

    Anyway, a big thank you to Enduracers. The Flat 6 mod rocks!! Wow... if it feels this good now wait until they figure out CPM :).
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  14. That sounds like more of a medical issue dude :D. you should get that checked out. Other peoples opinions shouldnt have any impact on your piss :p
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  15. I've just transferred my rf2 to Steam and reinstalled for the first time in months; how do I go about actually installing this mod? Do I simply drop the contents of the download into the Packages folder (unzipped rar and all?)?
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  16. the way to install mods hasn't changed. only the root folder is different
  17. I said it in another thread but on my i3+HD7850(1gb) rF2 and AC on same settings look pretty close to each other (PP menu OFF in AC). The main difference is the contrast that is a lot more present in AC but I don't like it at all as some colors get really strong and gives me headaches.
    With a few injectors rF2 should look like the mainstream racing games of nowadays (except for the grass) and using a lot less video memory despite running with more cars.
    I'm waiting this mod to appear in the workshop to see how it goes here
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  18. the mod exists and its on rf2, can we talk about it & not sidetrack this with a flamefest that has nothing to do w/ its quality?
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  19. I tested it. I'm not an expert, but the FFB felt a bit loose for me.
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  20. I'm probably older than you so will more likely be prone to piss problems than you but there you go! :confused: :p
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