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Flashbacks problem

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by -=zipp=-, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hi, i have two problems with flashbacks:
    1) sometimes, when i crash, i hit replay key and want to do flashback, but all of them are grey and i cannot use it (even if i should have all of them available)

    2) second problem is related to the first one. I use wheel (logitech wingman formula force gp - pc) and when i enter the replay menu, i cannot exit it (and when i have no flashbacks available, it is a big problem). There are F1, F2 etc keys, but on exit position, there is some weird picture and i dont know, what to push to exit. i tried everything. there is only one way how to do it (without killing the game) - disconnect the steering wheel, activate keyboard and exit key is now Esc. But when i connect the wheel again, all buttons are unassigned and there is no force feedback and there is no way, how to activate it again. so i have to quit the game and start again - then the force feedback works normaly.

    Does anyone know, hot to fix these troubles? I would be very thankful
  2. The actionmap file for Formula Force GP has some errors - someone's already posted about it right after the game's release. I can't find that topic, so I'll just add my actionmap file: http://www.filesonic.com/file/3939767293/Logitech_WingMan_Formula_Force_GP_USB_NEW.xml
    What you need to do is to copy that file to F1 2011\actionmap directory and overwrite the existing file, then chose the default setup in the game.

    And one more thing - there seems to be a problem with an incorrect axis assigned to the accelerator, which results in very low throttle sensitivity (the revs don't go up until you press the pedal halfway). To fix this you need to select the default setup (after copying the file above), go into edit mode, chose the throttle and press the gas pedal - the axis should change to the correct one. You can change other stuff too if you want, but the throttle is crucial here.
  3. Thank you, I edited my actionmap file and it really works! Its great now, thank you very much
  4. If you were a proper F1 player you won't need to worry about flashback problems because you wouldn't use it.............