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Fitting after market wheels

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Philip Antonia, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Hi, sorry if this is covered somewhere, but I have a Logitech DFP and I would love to replace the wheel with something a little bigger.

    Does the DFP need and adaptor or something to fit an after market wheel or is there a simple solution to fit otherwise?

    I know Frex do their adaptor, but that is far too expensive for me :(

    As this is my only wheel I don't want to be pulling it apart until I intend to actually do something with it. I would be able to make buttons for it later following some other projects I've seen here in this forum, but I just can't find any info about fitting a new wheel to it.

    I have some G25 pedals and shifter coming with the usb board still fitted which I plan to use in place of the DFP's pedals:cool:.

    Any help or a nod in the right direction would be very helpful:).
  2. Hi Philip

    Leo Bodnar does a USB cable converter that alows you to plug the G25 pedals straight in, if memory serves, it increases the resolution too, making the pedals more accurate :) you can find them HERE :cool: deffinatly the easiest and best solution and not too pricey either.......

    As for a wheel change, I have never tried that on a DFP, so I cant help you there, but making a wheel adaptor is normally fairly easy. The trouble is that the new wheel will almost certainly weigh more than the stock wheel and would rapidly wear the shaft bearings:frown:....... something to consider. The pedal upgrade is a great idea though :D

    Hope that helps, any other questions, fire away, If I cant help you, somebody else probably can! :cool:
  3. Thank you Brian:). I hadn't thought about the effect a new wheel would have on my gear!! I may hold off plans to that at this time.

    I will be following your excellent Button box thread soon when I get round to making my own. I originally bought the DFP with Frex in mind, but personal finances and the rise in cost of buying from them now has put that well out of reach. Might have to wait for a while until my DFP dies and my hand is forced or I can afford a full upgrade.