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First timer how to get started

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Daryl Bennett, May 18, 2011.

  1. Hi all, Thought id post on here has the people who send the e-mails from iracing seem to have to stick to a script, Just a few questions i have about the game.

    1- As i am from the UK is it possible to still play this game
    2- Is there a trial version anywhere so i can make sure the software works ok
    3- Differences between this and r factor

    Thanks all
  2. Answers in bold.
  3. Promotion for a free month and you get the skippy free ;)

    http://iracing.com/sbrs/ - promo code - PR-SKIP

    I think it is cheaper in the long run to pay the 3 Months for $12 - promo code - PR-Icebreaker2011
  4. That Skippy offer expired in February according to the bottom of the page, so I doubt it'll work. The old Radical free trial also now costs $5.
  5. I agree with Mike, the 3 month promo is most likely going to be the best choice. Iracing will take a little time to get use to compared to other sims.
  6. Be prepared to be slow. I joined in Jan'11. took a spin in the MX5- (easy to drive) on Laguna-Seca (track I know from several sims)
    Did about 10 practice laps and wow, i think got 1.55.xxx thinking that was good.....
    I went into a practice server... saw times of 1:41.xxx....
    These are fixed setup cars....I was blown away.
    It's amazing how good, and fast some drivers are. and don't worry, you'll race with people more your level... and its the best racing experience I've had since Nascar 2 in our office in '98 or so with our keyboards. but its humbling at first.
  7. im going to take the plunge download during week, Race next weekend :)
  8. I agree this Anthony, Im an average driver, nothing special (normally in the top half of the field) and I still havnt won in Road races yet but I have still had loads of fun racing.

    Once you get to D Class you will get an iRating so you will always race with similar level drivers.
  9. Also i take it the $12 or whatever is converted to English Pounds when i subscribe
  10. Yep,

    You will be charged the converted rate in £ Sterling (as of today it is £7.40)
  11. I registered with the name on my credit card which is just my first initial. So my username is S Omalley. will this be the name used when in a race or do first names appear? Or do you race with a nickname?
  12. I did my card name as Adam C Bark which was my name when I started, but you just have to email the staff and they'll change it for you. Usually pretty quickly too, mine was done within an hour.
  13. your name will appear as S Omalley yes rather than Steve OMalley. That would really annoy me lol

    unless of course you do the above post
  14. Yep, just email support and they'll get it sorted for you.