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Cars First time modding

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Modding Discussions' started by Forsa, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone, I have a desire to mod a car or a track and basically I would like to know what exactly should I have, knowledge, any good tutorials? I'm studying Information Technology and I am third year. I've downloaded Autodesk, is there anything else that is needed ? What kind of knowledge is required except using 3D Modeling Tools ?
  2. Well, Autodesk is the wrong tool. I guess your best option is aquiring a non CAD modelling tool of choice (3DSMax, Blender, Maya etc. You want polygons. Industrial CAD programs like Autodesk, Catia, Creo create primarily Vector based (Nurbs) models that are of no use for games) and start with simple modelling tutorials.

    Then this subforum (http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?forums/general-modding-discussion.26/&order=view_count) of the official forums, sorted by "Views", should be your next address.

    And plan in lots of time
  3. Alright mate thanks!
  4. LilSki


    My only advice is start small if you are going to try and do a track. Make something small and learn the basics of getting something working in the sim before you try some 40 mile epic monster adventure track.
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  5. mantasisg


    Start slow, careful and with many tutorials, and forums reading. One step at a time, because you don't want to go far and then realize how much things you'll have to redo.

    I couldn't tell much about tracks. I'm more advanced with a car.

    I have same advice, go simple at first. Prepare best possible references for modeling. Watch out for dimensions and scales. If it is a car, do simple body, simple wheels, simple interior if you like, simple steering wheel. Apply materials to selected faces (same object can have multiple materials). Then try to UV map them for textures (textures are applied to materials, so different objects which have same material on them shares a texture, and a shader eventually). Play with shaders is ksEditor. Repeat it without going too far till you'll understand things and build confidence, skills.

    You'll fail, but everybody did :D Good luck.
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  6. Pretty much agree with all of the good advice above.

    For car modding (I have no track experience), its easy to begin looking into the process of making a car and getting it in-game and feeling out of your depth and completely overwhelmed with the complexity (I did).

    My advice is don't worry about all the stages which seem very difficult now, just take it step by step, and always ask here or on the official AC forums for specific advice, people are very very helpful. You don't need to know all the skills straight away, just dabble in what interests you most, and the rest will come with time.

    I began about a year ago, had literally no experience, but with a lot of help from the community I was able to bring a rough model into AC and drive it. As soon as you drive a model you made, you will be hooked (or at least I was). Went from this to this without any previous experience, just pure enjoyment and satisfaction.
  7. Ben O'Bro

    Ben O'Bro

    Hey, welcome and good luck!
    I just started my first mod a few weeks ago, i do have a background of 3D with my daily job, but still had a lot to learn. And as said above, with many tutorials available online, you can find almost everything you need to complete a project, slowly, and starting with the simple things.

    I would say, a track should be more simple to achieve 3D wise (lot less complicated shapes to model) but that being said, i've never done one!

    the community here and on AC forum is very helpful, so you won't be alone in the process :)
    Another thing, keep in mind it takes time. I did spend a lot of hours, probably more than i thought initially, but once you start seeing the result, the progress you make, and finally having a first rough 3D inside the game, oh boy it feels good!
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  8. Wow guys, I didn't expect so many helpful comments :thumbsup:
    I will keep in mind everything I've been helped with, I will try small things at first just to see some ingame results, thank you for your support :)
  9. mantasisg


    I don't know if it is right way. But I started, and created a thread immediately. If something bad going on, you might not always spot it, at least I wasn't aware of all mistakes I have been doing. So showcasing might be helpful :D