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First time driving

Discussion in 'RBR Rally Club & Leagues' started by Tommy Nilsson, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Got 3.22.78 in great britain first stage is that good?
    in subary first car the on on the top
  2. Fernando Agapito

    Fernando Agapito
    RDRC S4 Overall Champion

    Just compare your time to the game's best time for each rally stage and try to beat it.


    Take Richard Burns' Challenge, then you'll know how's your driving :D.
  3. Welcome Tommy

    First stage in Great Britain in vanilla RBR is Harwood Forest I think? Couldn't find us driving that stage and car in the rally club, strangely enough. But it seems like a pretty good time to me :thumbsup:

    Install RSRBR and join us in some online rallies :D
  4. It's a long time since I drove the default Subaru on that stage ( I mainly use RSRBR now) but from memory, that sounds like a good time.

    When you get bored hotlapping, why not join us on-line in the Rally Club, it's a lot of fun and a great way to see how much you are improving.
  5. Pretty sure the default record is somewhere around 3:50 from memory
  6. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    If the stage you're talking about is harwood forest, then you sir are damn quick, join the RDRC ;)
  7. Maybe Tommy is talking about Rally School Stage? :p

    Welcome Tommy, hope I`ll see you in the next club rallies and maybe championship rallies as well :)
  8. Nah it is harwest forest did probably 4 mistakes so maybe 2 seconds i can go but hey it is so many corners and nearly impossible to drive a clean stage^^
    Got 1.17.2 in rally school but i did not put a lot of effort in that one so can probably go quiker.

    Yepp the default record is like 3.50 something like that.
  9. Fernando Agapito

    Fernando Agapito
    RDRC S4 Overall Champion

    That doesn't seem like the times of a "first time driver" :p (as the title says).

    Well you should install RSRBR mod and join our weekly rally club and RDRC, you'll have more fun racing with real people than AI's :D.
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  10. Gues my colin mcrae 2 epic battles when i was 9 with my father played some big part^^(won 3 rallyes in hardest difficult.).
    But i drive in formula 1 series and touring series now.
    But first time in this game.
  11. join us.... u know u want to :D
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  12. Ask yourself do you feel lucky
    to step up to this league of racing
    at least youll beat my times
    you could sneak away n grab a subway by the time I finish:)
    join its cool
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  13. Dont have time for this awsome game if i am going to study and drive formula simracing :(
  14. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    That sucks big time Tommy :cry: if you ever have time don't doubt on coming back to the Rally club :) best of luck on FSR, I watched an FSR broadcast the other day and saw you driving and thought "nice haha didn't know that was the same Tommy as in the Rally club" that's real :alien: quality.

  15. Shame to see you leave the Rally Scene here Tommy, but understandable, we all have to set some priorities at times. Best of luck wherever you decide to focus, but you'll always be welcome here. :)