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First Season on Williams contract advices please

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by 111jack, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. Hello everybody.
    I'm on first season whit Williams.
    I play at pro difficulty, roles full , no assists except for Tc medium.. never used 11/11 bug and allways been correct whit AI clean fights exc..
    I finisched all races on podium and won 8 races, now i'm at Suzuka and i have those offers that will expires :
    HRT, VIRGIN , SAUBER, Toro Rosso and Williams,
    My questions are, will i have new offers on first season or this is all ??
    I want badly to race whit Mercedes, i think i'm not asking to much after winning 8 race, how is it possible to have offers only from those bad teams ?
    If i don't accept anything i must do the second season whit Williams or i will recive new offer on comings GP's ??
    Thanks in Advance
  2. Who did you pick as your rival. You usually get offer from the team you pick. If you're at Suzuka, that may be all you're gonna get but if you want to be safe, backup the savegame folder as you move on to each race.
  3. I ran my first season on williams and choose Button as my rival. Of course I have got and offer from McLaren. The other offers were from teams like HRT, Virgin...

    The rival you choose in a season is the key to get an offer from this team. (Of course, you have to win him at the end of the season. If not... I suppose you will not get the offer).
  4. Hi
    When i have been asked i told to the speeker Alonso wich was in second place at that moment, i beated him allways except in Hungary.
    The point is that i'm not intrested in racing whit Ferrari or Red Bull i want to to race for Mercedes then put the level of Ai in legend mode,
    The engine of Williams is so bad that i raced allways to limit, very low wings and at Monza i have been able to keep everybody just because AI is very poor in braking.
    By the way i alredy backup my savegame folder so i will try to go on and see what will happen.
    I also searced on the board and on the net but seams that on first year you can't have any offer from better teams :(
    Anyway if someone has alredy changed let me know please
    If i had to choose what do you think is faster on straights Sauber or Toro Rosso ??
    Thanks to everybody
    Kinds Regards
  5. There was another guy a while ago who also chose Alonso and didn't get offer from Ferrari. May be a bug with Ferrari... did you beat Alonso? Unless you chose Roseberg or Schumacher as rival, getting offer from Mercedes may just be random. I raced my first season in Williams and chose Button as rival and got offer from McLaren... and I did this twice so it's untrue that you can't have offer for better teams on first season.

    I'd choose Toro Rosso between the two but I'd recommend test driving each car in proving grounds.
  6. Thanks unfortunalty i didn't have Rosberg or Schumi chooise just , Webber Alonso and maybe Button but i don't recall well..
    By the way i beat Alonso i lost only one time whit him.
    To me anyway it sound quite absurd, i mean, how i could imagine that a stupid question from a speeker was the key to change team and more absurd is that, if he don't ask you the right rival you will never get in that car..
    I think i have two option now.
    1 I restart the career whit Legend AI and pick another team.
    2 I can choose Toro Rosso and put AI to legend on second season, hoping that speeker will ask me Rosberg or Schumi as rival.
    Very difficult chooise :(
    Kinds Regards
  7. Yea, I didn't understand those questions the first time either. But the 3 choice the reporter gives you should be the drivers around your point standing. So you would purposely have to drop points to be around Roseberg or Schumacher. Or keep restoring savegame folder and hope for random offer from them.

    I have a feeling you would want to restart your career when the patch #2 comes. Until then, I'd suggest just keep playing.
  8. Ok so let me try to understand sorry for my bad english.
    When i bought the game i thought that i could use the Agent called Anna send her to teams and ask i will drive for free if they offer me a seat in Mercerdes so, point one Agent is totally unusfell like last year, not to mencion the dumb car engineer i lost first place beacuse of fuel
    Now by your words, wich sonud perfectly right, i need to not try to win but just try to stick whit Mercedes cars since i don't have older backup, i may try now i just put IA to legend and see if others offers will came
    Otherwise i start a new season and put AI in legend i should be able to catch Mercedes at least and maybe if can beat a ferrari will slow down and let me catch from Mercedes , really absurd but if it works.
    To me pacth in not a bing deal i mean i skipped Patch1 and Patch 2 or changes drammatically those stuff, because i feel very well driving like this, or don't use it at all and keep my game as it is, i know bugs like 11/11 and just avoid it.
    I badly hope it could be possible have a Mercedes contract on those remaing races going much slower.. but i feel it's to late :(
    By the way starting a second season is anyway importnt to learn better everthing...
    What a Dilemma :)
  9. I said that is one way to get the offer from the team you want. The other is random. In real life, a driver wouldn't always be able to join the team he wants either. I'm sure they would complain to their agent too.

    Just use the mod that allows you to join all teams from beginning.
  10. OK !!
    Thanks so much in advance meanwhile as you suggested i was looking at Patch #2 on codemaster forum and seam intresting.
    So finally thanks to you i decided i will torow away my actual career pic the mod and drive the car i want, then we will see how it will work Patch #2 and restart, don't care to end this championishp i'm starting to ate williams view from replays...
    Next funny thing will be that i modded my Helmet whit Shumi so firing Rosberg will means having two drivers whit same outfit firing Schumi it's not fair for competition.
  11. The offers are based on your experience level. You won't get a Mercedes offer until your experience level is at about 25 or something around that. The only exception being if you beat one of the Mercedes drivers after picking them as your rival.

    The other thing to think about is that teams improve and get worse from one year to the next. If you have offers from Sauber and Torro Rosso, pick the team who are doing better in the championship. If you choose Sauber and they then beat Torro Rosso in the Championship, you will have a Sauber car that is the same level as the Mercedes or Renault in year 1.
  12. Hi
    Right now i don't remember my level for sure less than 25
    So if i get well your adivce is to go on playing game and when i will reach 25 or more i will finally have almost every medium team
    I will check the position of Sauber and Toro Rosso, and test the both cars, i need quick car on the straights, can't go on driving Williams like this.
    I'm allways to close to limit and if someone pass me on the race i can't catch them anymore except on braking points...
    Thanks so much
  13. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    The main (realistic) career process is to gain reputation points over your seasons and become desired by top teams.

    The shortcut is the "Rival Challenge" and this was inserted because people are impatient and want to get into top teams early. You are naming "your rival" when asked in the interview. This is the mechanism of making that choice of the shortcut.

    Its personal how you choose to do it. In 2010 in a 7 year career (Expert Mode) I took the choice to never accept a rival challenge offer and finally got the seat of my dream team in yr 7!
    What a year it was. WDC, WCC, won WDC with 4 races to go.

    If all you want to do is race the M/Benz you can create a Championship in GP Mode. Career is about some realism in a career after all. If you shortcut the system where do you get the satisfaction?
  14. @David
    Your point of view is right but i may also see the whole game in another way:
    I pay for, i played 2010 , i know tracks, i'm not a rooky i'm a former driver, so may i do the careeer whit the team i want i don't think i'm asking too much.
    The game is not a GDR i don't became more or less able to drive...
    This game can be played by a 5 years child whit a Joypad or worst you can win champioships whit keyboard this prove that there is absolutley no realism and no point in restricting a gamer to play whit a horrible car never being able to use what he want.
    You know i play to enjoy not to be frustrated as it could be in real life, games are made to have fun not to be a pain..
    To answer your question the satisfaction in this game for me is drive the car i want, improve it and being able to win..
    This is my point of view of course.
    Kinds Regards
  15. I'm really lucky. I can choose my fav team instantly (Williams). Taking them to the top... That's what I'm gonna do in my career.

    If you want to drive in Mercedes, I think u have to wait one more year. Williams will have better car in season 2, so I advice you to stay with them for one more season. Slow on straights? Don't bother... Focus on that, this car is fast on fast corners. My downforce is almost every time really high... wings higher than 6 always (except Spa and Monza of course). Saubers and Toro Rosso can't catch me on straights as they are too slow on whole track (just finished 100% race at Nurburgring, before DRS zone there is quick left-right combination, with wings 7-10 I could make a gap higher than second just in these 2 corners...). Mercedes and LRGP have similar pace to mine.
  16. Thanks
    I will wait, increse the level to legend , and see what happen , if nothing happens i will use mod and pick the team i want this way i will enjoy my career as i like.
    About car setup i never used wings so hight except in monaco, at Nurburing and every others tracks i allway tried to have the car fast on the straight because otherwise when they pass you there is no way to catch them i wonder what car can be so bad whit wings at 10 :tongue:
  17. Whoa! where do u select your rival?
  18. @Notlimah When you progress further into your career you will be given an option to choose a so called "Rival" in order to beat him. You'll have to get placed higher in the end of the season, Most likely you will get an offer from the desired team your rival is driving in.
  19. Thank you Joel. How many races you have to do to see that option? Im in Monaco
  20. Around Spa or Nurburgring... around there is where I usually get that question.