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First corner Lime Rock Park

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Martijn Hoekstra, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. I always feel very nervous going into the first corner at Lime Rock Park. Can anyone provide some tips on how to nail this corner? I just won a race on this track (miata) but even though my lap times were good I always see other drivers catching up with me in that corner, then at the fast corners I can create distance again...
  2. Two questions:

    Are they catching up to you because of the draft, or on corner entry?

    What's your braking marker?
  3. They catch up to me on corner entry, I always keep an eye on the relative box (f3) during a race and always see people winning 0.5 seconds on me in that corner. My braking marker is at the 3 sign on the left.
  4. Sounds like you're losing time because you're braking 100 meters sooner than your opponents. Most of the faster guys brake at the 2, some even later than that, depending on how good they are at carrying the brakes into the corner. I'm not exactly what you would call fast, but I brake at the 2 as well, or as close to it as I can get.
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  5. T2? I usually hit full throttle at T2.
  6. That's fine and all, but we're talking about turn one.
  7. I know, but you said "most of the faster guys brake at the 2", and i thought you meant T2. That's why i said T2?
  8. I try to brake just after the 2, then down to 4th, then ease off the brake a tad and down to 3rd (watch not downshift too early or the engine will blow) and let the car roll in, only dabbing the brake. Then once you have made the corner, start to put the foot down.

    Takes practice, but once you get the hang of it its easy-ish
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  9. Thanks for the tips guys, will try my best tomorrow in test mode and see if I can nail that corner now :)!
  10. Youtube is a good friend sometimes
  11. Have you nailed it yet? :p
  12. Sorry for the late reply; I have indeed (finally) nailed that first corner :D It took alot of laps before I was comfortable braking so late into corner one, but I feel like I got it down! Thanks everyone for the suggestions and tips!