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Finishing Track Help Needed

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by BaRkEr_55, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Hey all :cool:, first post.
    right i have made a track with no issues so far. But it is 50mb and was wondering how i cut it down and also i would like to add a reverse version any ideas. Thanks
  2. Probably the best thing to do is to resize some of the materials you use.If you take a look inside your track folder after exporting to rFactor, sort files by size you will probably see some textures are 1mb or more even. using say photoshop and Xpacker you can replace these textures with smaller versions or even remove the bump, diffuse and specular images. This can save you alot of mb space.
  3. Can't help with the size issue, but if you want a reverse track, that's easy. Under "Edit Start/Finish" drive line,centerline tabs, right under Append Track, there is "Flip Direction" Do that and save as "Your track reverse" or something like that.
  4. It will also reduce the size considerably when you've finished the track and pack [compress] it into the .mas and maps.mas files
  5. thanks got the revervse sorted :). Am just now wondering how i pack it into the .mas ?
  6. Export from BTB - close BTB

    Mova all .dds files into MAS.exe and save as Textures.MAS in Track Folder
    Mova all .gmt files into MAS.exe and save as Objects.MAS in Track folder
    Delete all dds and gmt files in Track folder
    Edit Track.scn
    change to:
    Delete all gmt and dds files in track
  7. If you run into any loading problems, have a look at the file layout in a regular track to check what files should be where. The two new .mas files should be in the main track directory along with sky.mas.
  8. Could you explain it in detail? how can i move .dds to .exe? which program must we use? 3dsimed?