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Figure of 8 tracks

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Hi all, I have been doing a quick test of a circuit with a 'figure of 8' layout. I have a problem at the crossover point, where the driveline darkened area on the lower track (generated by BTB when the track is exported) leaps up to the upper level when the upper track crosses over. I have checked that the driveline itself in BTB does not jump up.

    First image is in-game (Rfactor) looking under the bridge. Second image in in BTB looking down onto the bridge, showing the driveline geometry turned on.



    Any ideas anyone? Much appreciated. :)

    PS - Also, only the first timed lap registers, thereafter there is no timing. Is this related?
  2. There won't appear to be any issues if there are no nodes under the bridge, because BTB puts the nodes on the ground and smoothly fills the gap between them. The AIW waypoints are much closer together (say, 1 per meter) so there will inevitably be some under the bridge. And BTB places those on the ground, and at the bridge's location there are two grounds.

    It may be that you have to use the AIW CAM editor to change the height of the affected waypoints.
  3. I noticed this a year ago or so while beta testing one of the earlier releases, I can't find the tread, but for my track I reset the main path with the rFactor AIW editor (not Guitarman's editor).
  4. Thanks all. There are no nodes under the bridge. Here is a view of the corridors, looking at the track immediately below the "bridge" part. You can see the break in the corridor lines. The corridor lines are actually on the upper level, which you can see if you look closely at the upper part of the image. Frustrating....! The AI cars slow right down at this point whilst on the lower bit of track.

  5. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    I have this problem as well, except part of my pitlane goes over the track, so cars going under could easily go at about 120mph but instead go at about 40. It's not good that I have to turn the AI difficulty right up to 120%, so they pwn me in the corners if I'm not careful but I then get them back at this part of the track.
  6. It's just the way BTB handles it, if you have a bridge crossover you have to do it using the isi aiw editor. But you have to do the whole lot in the aiw editor, you cant just do the path, you have to delete the btb generated aiw file because it will crash the game if you don't. There is a sticky in the forum on how to make aiw using the isi aiw editor. :)
  7. Ok, thank you. Will give it a go. Sounds daunting...
  8. My solution in the BTB

    1 - Choose your terrain at the top (creating a group) and uncheck "BTB ground"

    2 - Go to "Edit Start / Finish" -> "CenterLine" and look if the line is no longer on top of higher ground.

    3 - Go to "Track / Track Switch active" and and uncheck "BTB ground"

    4 - Go to "Edit Start / Finish" -> "CenterLine" if any "anchor" of the "CenterLine" is wrong, erase it (or delete center line and add track again) and re-create (ctrl).

    5 - Export circuit
  9. Thanks catboy, will give it a go.

    mianiak - I have looked through the AIW thread, read the pdf and watched the video of it being done - before I get my hands dirty, my question: when I load the track into the AIW editor, does it recognise a BTB-made AIW? Ie, can i do it all in BTB, then load it into the AIWCAM editor, and fix the one bit that isn't right? Or do I have to do everything in AIWCAM? Pit spots, safety car spots, fastline, centeline, etc? Thanks:D
  10. You have to do it all. I dunno why but it causes the game to crash if you just do 1 bit. I think the garages, pits and grid is ok, but all the paths need to be redone.
  11. mianiak, I remember back before BTB did the AI when it would only put the main path into the AIW file, you had to re-record the main path before starting on the AIW editor. It seemed to me at the time that BTB measured the main path in a slightly different way to the AIW editor and that this caused problems when the other paths and corridors were added to it via the rFactor editor. Maybe that didn't get resolved with the BTB AIW and that's the reason the paths still need doing again if you alter the AIW with the rFactor editor.

    Alex, it does look daunting I admit, but it's quite straightforward once you get the hang of it. I prefer it to doing it in BTB. Remember not to export the AIW from BTB again otherwise you'll just write over it.
  12. Thanks Chub, I been wondering what was behind it. I spose it would be best to delete the aiw file altogether then, but then you will need to have a road at 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 to spawn at in the aiw editor.
  13. Thanks Chub. Is there a way to back up the AIW in case I do export again from BTB by accident? Is it just the .aiw file I need to back up? Sorry, new to all this!
  14. You're welcome :) Yes, just back up the .aiw file, it's all in there.
  15. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    A way to solve these aiw problems when building an eight shaped track is how i managed to overcome this problem.

    The idea is simple.

    I export two different aiw-files.

    AIW file A. > In this file the fastline and centerline go unaltered over the upper road.

    AIW file B. > In this file the fastline and centerline go unaltered over the lower road.

    Now i choose one file from which i copy the unaltered part and replace the faulty part of the other file with the unaltered part.

    I use Guitarmans CAM-AIW editor to find in the aiw file the exact nodes which have to be replaced. When i found the exact nodes, these are easy to find because the height changes abruptly, i can find these nodes with <cntrol F> in both AIW-files. I place a "// START" and "// END" in both files to find the begin and end in both files. Then i copy the right aiw part into the other. Save and you are done!
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  16. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    I found out that when you save aiw files in guitarman, the program adds waypoint numbers to the aiw file. The exported file has a random name but after renaming it into [yourtrack].aiw, you can delete the old aiw file and use the just exported one. Now it is much easier to find the right waypoints.