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Skins Fictional Nokia Mclaren-Peugeot 1.0

Fictional Nokia Mclaren-Peugeot, inspired by Nokia Peugeot RCZ

  1. Henky SA submitted a new resource:

    Fictional Nokia Mclaren-Peugeot - Fictional Nokia Mclaren-Peugeot, inspired by Nokia Peugeot RCZ

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  2. You like the reflections in the renders don't you?:D.
    Good Work,very creative..:thumbsup:
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  3. Looks Awesome that skin ,
    I wonder why no one tilts the pivot point back -1 degree to center , ML,s Templates have not been centered so the front wheels never touch the ground ,
    When I started using them last year that was the first thing I noticed and had to correct with them :thumbsup:
  4. Awesome! :D
  5. 0.725 is enough. No need for -1.
  7. -1 one seems to do the trick sometimes it looks fine with -0.5 but then others it looks funny , but you end up with round about the same result ,
    I have seen about 20-30 liveries all with the same issues , I can not rest until its perfect level before I even touch anything else :thumbsup:
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  8. Same goes for me. I'm a perfectionist too :cool:
  9. I have to have the scene setup and the reflection just nice , the enviroment lighting just about right , before I even think about painting the car , lol
    I downloaded cinema 4d earlier and tried importing a PSD file but was only on picture view , then was messing around importing a 3ds model , could not figure out how to move the entire model instead of the individual parts ,
    Lost interest after 45 minutes and uninstalled it , 3DS Max is loads easier to understand I can do some nice things with that software :thumbsup:
  10. thanks charging! :thumbsup:
    yeah i wonder why the front part of ML's car models have not been centered and sticked to the ground. it's a kinda bit annoying sometimes for me to see the front wheels in some models "flying" :cautious:

    yesterday i tried to changed the coordinates value of the front wheels in scene tab to brought them more down to the ground. it looked nice when i saw the side but in front it's like a mess -_- change the values of another parts (nose, generic, cockpit, disc etc etc) after bring the front wheels down didn't help me either. i was like "let it be" :sleep: silly me
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  11. indeed. haha :roflmao:
    thanks mate :thumbsup: