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Skins Fictional - 2017 TUSCC Cadillac Oreca #8 1.0

Fictional - 2017 TUSCC Cadillac Oreca #8

  1. Crivitz Chris submitted a new resource:

    Fictional - 2017 TUSCC Cadillac Oreca #8 - Fictional - 2017 TUSCC Cadillac Oreca #8

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  2. Shame they are not running 'em..!!
  3. Excuse me but how to install this skin?
  4. I'm hoping the screen shots show up!

    Go into rf2, select the car you would like to use, and then click on "Create Dir". Make a note of the "Loose Skin Directory" line. Navigate to that folder and place the .mas file in that folder. You can delete the alt.dds if you'd like. Then go ingame, back to the car's "tuning Menu" and click on the variant arrows till you see the car. The final step is optional, but you can make the car "Stand alone" by clicking on the "Create" and fill in the info. Then it will show up as a selectable car in the list.


    Let me know if this works for you!
  5. Thank you so much for so detailed response, everything works now!
  6. You're welcome!