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Fiat Regata 75 S.ie, 75 i.e., 100S and 100S Taxi version

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by hierafas, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. Alright, I hereby release my Fiat Regata with a year delay or so. It's the European version and it comes in 4 variants with 2 engine versions of 75 or 100 hp. As with my older releases I've put some special effort to these versions, make sure to check them out.

    Bugs: Racer develops quicker than I manage my releases, this was tested with racer 088; everything worked somewhat, apart from flares and needles flickering. Other than that this was carefully put together, I aimed for a clean and beautiful release.

    Special thanks go out to Fangio, Cosmo and AmgFan!!!!

    Fiat Regata 75 S i.e. and 75 i.e.:

    Fiat Regata 100 S and 100 S Taxi versions:

    Looking forward to comments and feedback,

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  2. Thank for this release! Good car and I like yellow taxis;)

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  3. hierafas
    Very detailed car, great work!
    It is Liberty city track?
  4. the double post, sorry. delete it please
  5. Very much I was glad when I saw release Fiat Regata. However it is a pity that I can't travel around by it in Racer (I'm using the 0.5.3 version. b5). Why I can't travel around Fiat Regata (in both versions - 75 and 100)? At selection of the car for me for a brief lapse a window is coming in, he is disappearing and the game exit to Windows.
    In the QLOG.txt file I found thing:

    Whether he will let be formed this way, if only Fiat Regata acted under older Racer versions (for example 0.5.3 b5)? I don't want to take an updated version of the game down only therefore one car for me doesn't work.
  6. yes it is.
  7. poorwich: These are all warnings, not errors. I haven't tried the car in your version of Racer, but it shouldn't crash because of them. Does your QLOG show any real [error]?

    As Hierafas mentioned, we developed the car for a recent beta version of Racer, so there are some differences in the car.ini file that your version can't interpret.
    The braking torque is no longer a single variable, we define it as a .crv file now.
    The suspension length definitions have changed about a year ago, to support a very important feature of real vehicles, called precompression.
    The differential section has changed in syntax, so we need to use different parameter names now and support more differential types (well, if they'd actually work...).

    I'm sorry, but the Racer version you use is simply too old. If I'd change the car.ini to make it compatible for your version, it'd be only half the car.
    If you can, please consider updating to a more recent beta, it's worth it not just for the Regata :)
  8. Hiya Cosmo°,

    Nice looking car, and since I am since in the 06.5.4-0.8.10-0.6.55 hybrid* Racer version, I guess i can't enjoy your (cg/up -to- date) car?

    It looks great, and I will get it one day....:D

    (* I downloaded 0.8.10, and 06.5.5-and put them into my Racer folder{} Windows XP copied/pasted/overwrite some of the files...)....so I get some new features, better fps, but no cg....and my gauges and needles finally work!:D)
    Sorry for the Off topic, just wanted to say congratulations on the release, and it looks great!
  9. Cobra, this car doesn't use cg shaders, just the simple text based ones. There are some newer features as flares included that could become a problem. Did you give it a try though?
  10. flares sometimes appear a box around it. It is "normal" on each car which has this feature. Dont worry ;)
  11. That Qlog file shows some REAL errors that need fixing, those are errors that are not cg dependant!
  12. Cobra: The car was developed for v0.8.8, so it's recommended you run at least that, or better yet a newer version of Racer with this car. I'd actually suggest you try the racer_nocg.exe that comes with v0.8.11.

    The only thing you need to change is rename car.shd to car_nocg.shd, so that Racer can identify the shader cues correctly. You can do this with any car or track that still has the old shader style, they're (mostly) all compatible with the latest beta this way.

    boomer541: What kind of QLOG errors do you get with the Regata? Since the car was developed for a slightly older Racer beta, I had to rename car.shd to car_nocg.shd now and loaded it up in v0.8.11 with racer_nocg.exe on a clean no_cg track. The only error I get is about missing an AI file, plus a few fallback notes on parameters that Ruud added to car.ini since v0.8.8.

    If you load the car with the default Cg racer.exe and without renaming car.shd, you'll get a ton of shader errors of course, but that's to be expected.

    Let me know what you find :)
  13. Can someone mirror this please? HotShare is giving me 60kb files, not letting me download the whole thing. Cheers.
  14. Thanks for the advise, hierafas, but I haven't tried it yet.
    However, you and Cosmo° have given me the motivation to at least try to download the car.:D
    I'll be downloading the version and loading the non_cg.exe.
    And don't worry, I will give comments if needed. But I must say, the pictures do look nice. :)
  15. Great car Hierafas, certianly interesting round the corners but i suppose the real one is too. Good interior, good exterior and sounds are good too, cheers.
  16. Thanks for the mirror!

    C'est magnifique! Shame we don't do those Car Of The Month awards any more.
  17. Qlog errors:

    car fiat_regatta_75 both sie and eleganza
    [racer/2760] No shader found for material 'txt_exhaust' in 'data/cars/fiat_regatta_75/mdl_exterior.dof' (default 'txt_exhaust.tga')
    [racer/2760] No shader found for material 'txt_exhaust' in 'data/cars/fiat_regatta_75/mdl_interior.dof' (default 'txt_exhaust.tga')
    [racer/2760] No shader found for material 'default_material' in 'data/cars/fiat_regatta_75/mdl_wheel_left.dof' (default '<no texture>')
    [racer/2760] No shader found for material 'default_material' in 'data/cars/fiat_regatta_75/mdl_wheel_right.dof' (default '<no texture>')

    Should have these fixed, they are technically warnings but when making a car/track there should be no Qlog statements about the car/track other than the normal ones you get when running the Lambo on carlswood.
  18. boomer541: You're running Racer version v0.8.11, racer_nocg.exe and have renamed the car.shd files of the four models in total to car_nocg.shd each, on a track that also has a track_nocg.shd? Under these conditions, I get no errors at all in QLOG, with either model grade of the Regata.

    If you're mixing Cg and non-Cg content, you get the kind of shader error logs you've shown. I checked that as well to see how you might have gotten them. I'm happy to fix any errors, so please keep me updated.

    I'm sorry if it's an inconvenience with the .shd file renaming, but the car was in development for a long time and when we wrapped it up, Ruud didn't yet give us those opportunities.

    FiftyOrange: I'd like to continue the monthly polls as well, though at the moment I'm holding back until we have a more steady flow of releases again. Perhaps the upcoming stable version of Racer can provide a platform for that to happen.
  19. Totally understandable, it's really not worth it for the 1 or 2 releases every month.