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Fiat 500 glitch... help

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Aris Teidis, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Hello! (My first post here)

    Can anybody show me how to fix this (no doors) :

    Thank you!
  2. Holy crap! I've never encountered this issue in nkPro, sorry mate.
  3. LoL whats that?I had a similar problem that was caused when i changed some settings like the time that replay recorded.My advice is to uninstall COMPLITELLY the nkpro using revo uninstaller(with last choise active to clear everything) and install again BUT dont change anything in "simulation" settings!That worked for me at least..
  4. :(Unfortunately didn't worked for me. Thank you anyway!
  5. Iv made a bit of search cause i think i saw this bug before but i didnt find any results :(
    BUT,play a bit with ur graphics settings..For example,iv experienced some problems when i was trying from ATI catalyst menu(i have ati card) to put everything on max!
    To see if this is the,problem first step is to put everything on low and if problem fixed then the solution is what i said..
    Try it ;)
  6. :(Unfortunately this didn't worked either. Anyway this isn't so important, I purchased nkPro just to have a taste of the upcoming AC.
    I hope Accetto Corsa will be bug free (I can't wait to try it!:p)