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Featured FIA unveils largest ever F1 calendar

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jack Hunsley, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Jack Hunsley

    Jack Hunsley
    Staff Premium


    The FIA have revealed the biggest ever F1 calendar with 21 races being laid out for the 2016 F1 season.

    In addition to those currently on Formula One's schedule Germany and Russia are set to make a return to the calendar. Meanwhile Malaysia is set for a much later date in September with China taking its place as the second race of the season.

    Finally, the British Grand Prix is set to switch places with Austria as Silverstone lines up as the heading of the second stint of European races following the Canadian Grand Prix, whilst Abu Dhabi again lines up as the season finale.

    Provisional 2016 F1 Calendar

    Round 1 - Australia - April 3
    Round 2 - China - April 10
    Round 3 - Bahrain - April 24
    Round 4 - Sochi - May 1
    Round 5 - Spain - May 15
    Round 6 - Monaco - May 29
    Round 7 - Canada - June 12
    Round 8 - UK - June 26
    Round 9 - Austria - July 3
    Round 10 - Baku - July 17
    Round 11 - Germany - July 31
    Round 12 - Hungary - August 7
    Round 13 - Belgium - August 28
    Round 14 - Italy - September 4
    Round 15 - Singapore - September 18
    Round 16 - Malaysia - September 25
    Round 17 - Japan - October 9
    Round 18 - USA - October 23
    Round 19 - Mexico - October 30
    Round 20 - Brazil - November 13
    Round 21 - Abu Dhabi - November 27
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  2. Yes please!
  3. Russia changed with Malaysia, nice one. Now we have finally asia tour: singapore, malaysia, japan
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  5. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    Don't worry krazy, 2-3 will be dropped because they didn't bend over and let F1 "extort" them.

    I think that's how the style goes.
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  7. Hang on, where is New Jersey. I mean, come on, its not on the calendar AGAIN
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  8. Dan Allen

    Dan Allen
    I am the Pastor Maldonado of RaceDepartment.

    It says USA, so it could be ;)

    Also, where the hell is Baku? I always thought Baku was painting on cloth with wax...
  9. Baku is in Azerbaijan :rolleyes:

    No the race isn't being held at New Jersey. It's been delayed for four blooming years now :thumbsdown: (It probably won't even offer any good racing though so idek why I want it on the calendar so much :D )
  10. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium

    "Azerbaijan has held several elections since regaining its independence and it has many of the formal institutions of democracy, it remains classified as "not free" (on border with "partly free"). Azerbaijan has been harshly criticized for bribing foreign officials and diplomats for promoting its causes abroad and legitimizing its elections at home, a practice which has been termed as 'caviar diplomacy'."

    Ahhhh...that explains why it's on the calendar. Governments can raise money at the end of a gun.
  11. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
    Germany's greatest Indycar Fan. Premium

    I still fail to understand how it's "green" to ship all your gear from Monaco to Canada and back to the UK in the middle of summer.
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  12. Torcano


    Heh, Indian GP was supposed to return in 2015 but it still didn't for 2016. So proud of my greed filled country... the government declared in all their eternal wisdom that "F1 is not a sport but it is entertainment" so they wanted to shower themselves with huge tax money from FIA. Seems that plan came round to bite them in the arse. :D
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  13. Exactly. Or from Austria go all the way to Azerbaijan and then go back... to Germany [​IMG]
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  14. No imola ! that sucks
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  15. There is only one reason F1 is going to places like Russia, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Baku and it comes in brown envelopes, the list of dodgy Countries seems grow every year as I'm sure do certain peoples bank balances, I have no doubt F1 is right up there with FIFA when it comes to Corruption.
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  16. FIA has to really make sure that they are going after the 21-race schedule for the next season. Or else, we'll see another occurrence of some races out of the calendar therefore reducing it again to 20 or even 19.
  17. Maybe they should think about doing it more like that:

    Certainly this could save them a lot of money...
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  18. If they raced back-to-back on AUS/ASIA and in america yes, but if you put breaks in between it does not really change anything because they anyway return back to base.

    (And singapore at night that early in the year would be almost guaranteed red flag for monsoon)
  19. Ypu could introduce "back to base" breaks between Aisa/America and America/Europe though. So you still keep the tracks together.

    And regarding Monsoon... well you could do this thing the other way around, idc :D