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FIA GT 2008 - Permissions needed

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by zand, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. I have 99% of a personal FIA GT 2008 Mod for GTR Evo (model ID 118) done.

    I combined wonderful mod´s and skin´s from several talented guys, and need their permission to get this mod public.

    I am contacting at this moment:

    - der stier from GTR4u.de and friends for their GTR2 FIA GT 2008 Mod skins - Update: Permission granted under quality conditions;
    - petrs73 & jraid for his GTR2GT Mod - Update: Permission granted;
    - scca1981, Ibne and Colvin35 for their Porsche 997 and Ferrari F430 Addon - Update: Permission granted;
    - taku for his gtrevo gtpro skinpack 1 and 2 - Update: Permission granted;
    - andre90ITA for his MC12 chassis and backfire update - Update: Permission granted;
    - Artsonika for his reworked dashboards textures - Update: Permission granted;
    - KampferAs (Günthar Rowe) for their GTREvo icons - Update: Permission granted.

    Some screenshots (low quality ones) attached.

    Attached Files:

  2. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

  3. Good luck with this, it looks very good:good:.
  4. Your mod looks very good.

    About Taku, I couldn't find e-mail address in blog even I'm japanese.
    So posting comments in his blog is the only way to contact.(I think it's ok to write in english)
  5. Thank you Takuya.

    I tryed to post something in his blog but could not.

    Can you please post a comment about this mod, and maybe, a link to this post?

    This post is already working...
  6. This is great, I just bought GTR2 only to race some GTmods.
  7. zand... pure respect.. your mod is awesome!!! i mean.. its really gooooooooood

    Ive looked at your wonderful blog which I cant read.. but I see some Zurich numberplates. May I ask you where you got them from? I'm making a M3 GTR and would like to use it... Thanks man
  8. lol im looking for GTR2
  9. sorry that blog is not mine.
    He's Taku. and I'm Takuya(similar name!)
  10. Okay I got permission from Taku.
    So you can use his skin for mod.

    And he explained me why you couldn't post.
    In his blog,half-width kana can't post (to avoid spam-post)
  11. Haha Im sorry about that:sheep:
  12. Thank you Takuya for your help.

    One less permission to get.
  13. feel free to use the menu icons as required and just put a thx m8 in the readme :)

    looking good too :)
  14. Thank you!
  15. yes you can use the Ferrari and Porsche
  16. Thank you scca1981!!!

    One less permission to get.

    And what a permission...
  17. By the way be sure to credit Ibne and Colvin35 also as they made the cars.
  18. Ok!
  19. Sounds like a great mod!
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Not open for further replies.