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FFB for G25/27 - LAR555

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by LAR555, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    It has been a painful experience to get my wheel up to the standards of the real rally car but I believe I have found the closest simulation of real rally driving. Most of the settings I was looking at were done by the guys who have no actual experience of driving the car at extreme speeds on track or gravel. In real life I specialize in Tarmac evens, but sometimes I have to drive on gravel too and I in my short career I have managed to grab quite a few podiums with my own Subaru Impreza 1996, yes just like the one in game. Worth noticing that I have had a pleasure of driving cars like EVO X and few well prepared BMW's too, but I guess these settings are best for the AWD cars since I drive them most of the time.

    When it comes to DiRT Rally I never cared too much about my results since I started streaming and most of my times are usually within top 30 and if it's tarmac top 5.

    Let's get to the business:

    Logitech Profile


    Advanced wheel settings


    Vibration and feedback is the most important part which needs to be interpreted by anyone personally but here is mine where I tried to replicate my own Impreza.


    And few results that I have done this morning with this setup:

    EVO X




    Thank you for your time,

    Make sure you visit my evening stream at www.twitch.tv/lar555 where I usually discuss everything relating towards real rally experience.
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  2. sry mate,
    but you mixed up some of your pics.
    you twice used identical advanced setup pics.
    now we never get to know...

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  3. Fixed ;)
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  4. can these be downloaded via the steam workshop? thx for posting, will give it a spin tonight.
  5. Just one thing, I believe wheel and tyre friction in game are only applicable if you have Spring and Damper effects enabled in the profiler.
  6. tried them out and they work very nicely indeed, thx for putting them up here, good job.
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  7. Thank you for these settings, what a massive difference to my G27. Not much faster yet but have better control. Also changed my FOV settings, so with the combination of both this game has gone from very good to Outstanding!!
    Cheers mate Happy Christmas and good luck with your "Real Rally Driving"
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  8. What did you do to your FOV out of interest ? I am trying to perfect my set up on triple screens
  9. It's just duplicated monitors, one for me and other for co-driver :)
  10. Stuart Gillard

    Stuart Gillard
    Premium Member

    I've just set my wheel up using these settings and I have to say they give some great feel and feedback ... these are the best I have tried so far, thanks ;)
  11. shedz

    Premium Member

    Do these Advanced Wheel Options work when 'Allow game to adjust settings' isn't checked?
  12. Hi thanks for your configuration will greatly improve the sensations, you could from your experience, give your opinion about the physics and behavior of the car compared to reality. Thank you
  13. Are these still considered the best settings for a G27? Thanks
  14. Will try your wheel settings. Thanks! BTW, try to tune to your taste the throttle and brake saturation and dead zones too. It will make a huge difference.