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PC FFB Clipping

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Cássio Amary, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Hi there. I´ve been doing some laps, and I´m with an issue I guess...My G27 profiler settings are as in this thread:


    And in-game settings also the same, except Dampening, which mine is 0 for now. Thing is, I´m getting tons of ffb clipping, the grey bar gets red constantly during the middle of an corner for example, and if I lower the FFB Gain to like 30 instead of 95, as expected the bar almost doesn´t move, but when it does, during some corners, or hitting kerbs it still goes to red too, only a smaller red bar, despite getting almost no FFB at all with such low value. What could be wrong?

    Thanks anyone!

    EDIT: I was reading the AC official forums and it was confirmed as a bug. Thanks for the reply.
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  2. Try to set Dampening to max. I'm using this setting and I'm pretty happy. The cars are more stable.
  3. Damping is the work of Satan. It kills so much FFB detail.
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  4. So you prefer to set it to 0? If I'm not mistaken I used to have 0 but I'll try to set it again to 0 and see.
  5. I set damping to 0 and gain to 200 and it's very interesing. You should try it. I have G27.
  6. 95% on gain its really too much for G27 (maybe ok on G25)... lower it down until clipping dissapear ... i use it around 60% depending on car ... and damping around 0.10-0.15 (100% on Logitech Profiler)
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  7. I used your settings. Gain: 65, Damping: 0,12, Filter: tried both max and min values. In the profiler first 3 options to 107% and centering spring to 0. The steering wheel was so easy to turn. I felt the FFB only on the curbs and off-track. While driving on the road I didn't feel any FFB. I don't think when you more than 200km/h down the road you don't feel anything from the steering wheel. Kunos will fix it, I sure. Or at least they give us a couple of fixed settings: those havier and lighter etc.
  8. I think something must be wrong with your G27 ... if you can drive with 200 gain then im sure something must be not working properly ...