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FFB & Clipping? Logitech DFGT

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Lazarou, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. Lazarou


    Hi being a relative newcomer to PC sims can someone explain what FFB clipping is i have the FFB graph enabled in AC but not really sure what i am looking for. I am trying to setup the Logitech DFGT as there are no setups for it yet i am trying to sort one. Thanks in advance

    P.S If any one has any good setups please share.
  2. Clipping is when there is more force than your wheel can cope with and it basically saturates the signal, resulting in an over heavy FFB with no subtle details coming through.

    If you bring up the pedals app the grey bar on the right hand side is your FFB. You want it set up so that that bar is only hitting the top briefly during the highest loads. I'm finding 45-55% (depending on the car) in the FFB gain setting is about right for my DFGT.

    MY full settings are:
    In logitech sotware 900 degrees, FFB 100, everything else on 0. Let game ajust settings checked.

    In game FFB gain 45-55 (experiment and see what works for you)
    Damping 0
    Filter 0

    You may wish to add some damping in game. Personal choice really. I find it removes subtle FFB, but it adds a bit more 'weight' to feel.
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  3. Lazarou


    Thanks for the reply very informative. I tried your settings and i can see were you gain the extra info but the steering feels really light is that what you are looking for in a sim? Obviously you don't want it like a truck but compared to my road car there is hardly any weight at all. Am just being a noob feeling that it needs more weight?:) This is with the Ferrari 458.
  4. Unfortunately using low end wheels like we are you have to find a compromise. We simply cant get as much weight feel in the wheel as you would in a real car without over saturating the forces and loosing a lot of the feel as to what the tyres are doing. That's a simple fact of cheap hardware I'm afraid ;)

    It's personal choice of course, but I've always gone for detailed feel over weight in sims, and it's served me well

    Often people find my settings a little light but i think if you stick with it you'll soon get used to it. Without wanting to sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet, I'm pretty fast in all sims, and i put a lot of that down to the fact that i have my FFB set up so that i can feel exactly what the car is doing at all times. You cant drive on the limit if you cant feel your tyres! :p

    Were all different though. Just experiment and dial in something you're comfortable with.... or buy a £400+ wheel :D
  5. Lazarou


    I'm sure your right mate, i really like the DFGT for what it costs, i was just trying to work out what i'm looking for when setting my wheel and your information and setup gives me something to work and persevere with. I have put my settings in the profiler the same as yours and in game gain at 60 and damping at 10 i know not quite your settings but i will see how i go and try to lower it from there.

    I just tried with the Elise and the steering felt heavier than the 458 so it might be case of chopping and changing depending on the car. I checked the clipping with those settings and i did not see any red flashes of clipping.

    I will do a few more experiments and let you know. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  6. You're welcome :)

    Yup, different cars feel different with the same setting. Hopefully they will add a 'per car' setting so we dont have to keep changing it.

    Indeed my settings are just a base to work from. No two wheels are the same, even if its the same make and model. My brother has a DFGT as well, but uses slightly higher settings than me to get the same results.

    Hope you find an acceptable compromise.
  7. Lazarou


    I am now running these settings and the feel is fantastic, i tried with only 0.05 damping and you can tell you lose a little bit of feel. So i am going to keep running with 0 damping until i really get dialed in. Thanks again.

    Logitech Profiler

    Overall effects 100%
    Spring effect 0%
    Damper 0%
    Ticked centering spring
    Centering spring 0%
    Ticked use special wheel settings
    Rotation 900 degrees
    Ticked use special game settings
    Ticked allow game to adjust

    In game

    Gain 70%
    Filtering 0%
    Damping 0
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  8. wow thank you sir :p i had my DFGT ffb at 125% and all i was feeling was alot of weight and some vibrations, ofc being a total noob and new to sim racing i though that's how should be :D , at 55% feels like another wheel and game :) , i will tune it abit more, my wheel is brand new so i think i could go up abit to see how it goes
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  9. Heres a good video about the matter at hand. Btw i would recommend to any newcomer watching the whole lot of the "sim racing 101" videos from this guy, great stuff!

  10. Lazarou


    Thanks for the vid, confirms what Stuart said earlier. I just tried asetto with the centering spring disabled, i was running it at 0% but still enabled. Made a big difference for me i had the feeling right after Stuart's advice but now i seem to be able to counter steer and correct much faster.

    What are other peoples settings for this?
  11. Yup, centering spring 0 and unchecked here. Forgot to mention the 'unchecked' bit in my first advice. Sorry about that :)
  12. What settings are best for Pedal Settings, Brake Gamma on the DFGT?
  13. Cant help you there as I'm using modded G25 pedals personally, though most people I've talked to seem to be getting the best results with 1.00 whatever pedals they are using.
  14. Thanks, I'll try lowering it from the default 2.40. I have the standard horrible pedals, but I've put material under the brake to give it some resistance. At the default setting, brakes seem too sensitive and prone to lockup even with slight and smooth pressure.
  15. Lazarou


    No worries you've helped alot as it is, i just thought it would be the same as rfactor and the like. Is that you The Moose from the AC forums?

    Also i use fantec csr elite pedals now and i have the brakes at 1 as well.
  16. Aye, thats me :)

    Glad you seem to have found some settings to your liking. Took me a while to dial it all in, but now we can concentrate on the driving :thumbsup:
  17. I just tested Brake Gamma from 1.0 to 5.0 (default 2.40) and do not see much difference. I think that may be a setting only for load cell brake pedals.
  18. Lazarou


    As much as i love getting into pc sim driving sometimes i do wish there was a magic set up button for each game. But like you say i can get down to learning the cars and getting those lap times down. Dont think i've played a game that i am so happy just doing hot laps.
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  19. Just to add to this thread I've found that damping has to be on in the Logitech driver control settings/profiler to work in game. Then you can adjust damping in game via the advanced controls menu, otherwise with damping set to 0% in the driver/profile the in game setting does nothing.

    Regarding gain 80-85 in game is the sweet spot for me with 107% strength in the driver settings to get a strong wheel and no clipping on the bar. However my DFGT gets a bit notchy and can hear the gears working hard at this high level of FFB, so I will probably reduce it down so I can remove this notchy feeling and get a smooth wheel.
  20. Lazarou


    I am running 100% strength and 0% for everything else in the profiler and in game 65 gain and 0 for both the other settings. Its the only settings i can run without clipping and its feels good as well.