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Few questions from a noobie

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric. K, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. I am really new to Sim racing scene. My wife got me the game for my b-day, I liked it so much that I bought the Momo controller. Now all I want to do is drive these cars faster:)

    I have a couple of questions.
    1. Should I have bought the G25 from Logitech instead of the Momo? As of now I use the manual transmission with an automatic clutch (floppy panel shifters).
    2. I searched for an easy to understand setup guide for the GTR-Evolution. I used to race motorcycles (real track), so I understand some of the basic concepts, but there are a lot more settings on cars:(
    3. Is there a league for new/slow drivers? I entered a few races online and ended up pretty much lapping alone:( (I am running about 1'54 on Valencia in the BMW while still making A LOT of mistakes).


  2. Hello, Trust me you'll get the hang of it eventually. I started Sim Racing in January.

    The G25 isn't essential there are many people using the MOMO and very happy, I use a Driving Force Pro. Of course I'd love to have a G25 but it's a quite expensive.
    There are a few setup guides around here but I think they may be in the setup forums available to premium club members.
    Finally, I admire you for taking the BMW as a trainer car :D. The best starter car is the Seat, it's FWD and rewards smooth driving. Valencia laptimes are below 1.45 with fast drivers dropping below that.

    Practice is all that can help :)
  3. THank you. I did search for a comprehensive setup guide, but couldnt find one. I might give the Seat a trial.
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  5. That's the one I was looking for, but I thought Ramon had posted it so my search turned up nothing.
  6. Thank you so MUCH!!!
  7. Thank you Simon. I switched to the Seat and dropped my Valencia times to 1:48:)
  8. I've been racing with my Momo for the last 3 years and I'm still quite happy with it, although I had to open up the pedalset a couple times for cleaning.
  9. Really? Thank you for the tip!!
  10. Great:) Dropped another couple of seconds 1:46. I am really struggling with turn 2 and the last turn on that circuit.
  11. I agree you don't need a G25, but since swapping to one from my Momo, i've never been happier (and i think a little faster too!) Neil
  12. I have a Momo Racing, Microsoft Sidewinder (which is surprisingly good, I prefer it to the momo) and a G25.

    The G25 isn't just some luxury product which is expensive because of lack of competitors. It really is as much better as the price suggests, if not more. Since I compared the Momo and G25 side by side, I have a good idea of their differences:

    1. The pedals. The Momo pedals feel like soft plastic toys, and there's only two of them, with almost no resistance and feel unstable. The G25 are completely different; they feel just like a real car. Solid, long travel, much harder resistance, and different resistance for each pedal, heavy pedal box that stays put on the floor, even on carpet, pedals made of metal etc. Only the brake pedal lacks a bit of that hydrualic resistance. And there's a clutch pedal with the G25 which makes a big difference in realism and immersion, especially for some cars.

    2. Shifter.

    The Momo has a loudly clicking sequential shifter that can be moved on the steering wheel from left to right side. It's ok, but better have sealed headphones to avoid the click sound ruining the immersion.

    The G25 shifter can be made sequential (where it is very quiet) or a not-as-loud-as-Momo H-pattern shifter, which works well, but is a bit light compared to a real shifter and care should be taken. It's very fun to drive certain cars with the H-pattern shifter. If you don't do any H-pattern shifting but only use pedals or sequential, the G25 has no real advantage here.

    3. The wheel.

    The Momo wheel has very limited rotation, even less than F1 cars. The momo has very strong force feedback, but the feel and reaction time is dreadful. For example, if the wheel is supposed to go 'light' in the game for any reason (losing traction in GT Legends, driving over a crest or oversteering much), it's barely noticable in the Momo - there is still so much sluggish resistance in the wheel that you have to overcome to move it, even without any forces acting on it from inside the game. This really makes it much harder to drive in some situations than it should be. It has the feeling of driving a car with a horrible electric powersteering filter that is malfunctioning or something..

    The G25 has 2.5 turns of rotation (in contrast to the 0.5 turns of the Momo) and feels much more responsive. It's also quieter. When there are no steering forces (going 'light' again), it really is very light, and this adds a lot to feeling and makes it easier to drive, in accordance with realism. The lock-to-lock can be set inside the control panel to be less than 2.5 turns, to suit realistically different types of cars.

    For anyone with simracing as a hobby, and who can afford the G25 without giving up too many other things, I can't recommend it enough. However, if you never use H-pattern shifting, you don't care about clutch and don't race much (or race anything less than the more hardcore sims out there), don't bother with a G25. It's features would be mostly wasted.
  13. Wow! Nice review thanks! You sold me on the g25!! Thanks.

  14. I intend to switch to a G25 too one day , i use a thrustmaster GT now , the difference is however that the G25 wheel is quite alot bigger than the Thrustmasters , and i kinda like the smaller wheel ...
  15. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn
    Premium Member

    Just buy the G25 :)
    Its worth every penny in its price-range. There is better but will cost far more of course.
  16. That probebly will happen indeed hehehe
  17. I´m driving with MOMO also and it´s mostly satisfying me. Still I´d like to try G25 becase manual clutch and 2,5 turn of rotation.
  18. Also, the pedals are a much better than the plastic MOMO pedals. It's easier to modulate the throttle and brakes. It shaved 1-1.5 seconds per lap versus the MOMO wheel I had previously. Also, the clutch is a big help during standing starts.
  19. I just ordered the g25.. anyone want to buy my 2 weeks old Momo :) lol...

    I have another total noob question. It seems that on week nights (US Pacific time) there are very few people online. Are there any other "private" networks and such in this game?

    Finally, I feel like I am stuck running 1:46~1:47 on Valencia in the Seat. No matter what I do my lap times do not improve (I have been playing for about 2 weeks now). Any tips what might help to break that wall? :frusty: I watched replays, downloaded some time attacks, etc... but I am still stuck :noidea: