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Few questions about certain hardware and setups.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by digitalx, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Right, at the moment I have a G27 and TH8A Shifter mounted to a desk (Ikea Galant)

    I've seen some setups with a real car dashboard and instrument clusters. Which is I want to do, preferably with a real wheel. The FFB system on it's own is it a bit too much for once piece at the moment although it seems nice and is smaller.


    1. How would I mount the dashboard (bare) to the desk? I have a dremel and DIY shops near me.

    2. How do I hook up instrument clusters/gauges? Is there an easy-ish way? I've never done anything involving wires or circuit boards.

    3. Button box mounts, I'd love a button box but no real way of mounting one. I am not drilling into my desk and not sure what mounts I can get or exactly what I need for just one. RAM mounts are "bleh.. halp" in my mind, I have no idea on these at all.

    I understand the G27 base and dashboard way not fit, but can cut if needed.

    Sorry, extreme newbie when it comes to handywork.

  2. RaceWasGood


    3. I used to mount my DSD button box to the table with a RAM-mount that was fastened to the bottomside of the table with two screws. The same RAM-mount is now used for my current 80/20 rig (obviously mounted to the rig instead of the table). If you don't want to drill in your table, have a look at rammount.com. I know they have clamp-type mounts as well.

    There's one example: http://www.rammount.com/part/RAM-B-259NKU
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  3. Thank you. The desk was £120 and will NOT be drilling to it. However clamps/grips are perfectly fine. I did have a look at the ram mounts but no idea which specific bits I'd need just to hold 1 button box.

    Found this: http://cablemountain.com/Vertical-TFT-Monitor-LCD-Desk-Mount-with-Clamp Would those screw holes fit ANY button box at all? I dont mean all button boxes but just any?
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  4. RaceWasGood