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Ferrari Virtual Academy 2010

Discussion in 'Other Racing Games' started by Bram, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. I notice someone who lapped 1'47"49 with 458 & mugello, exactly 2.5s off than 2nd in the rank.

    To be honest... I cannot believe even 1'52 level lol as my best is 1'54'3 :devilish::devilish: I'm in panic state -_-;
  2. About time this thread got a bump as everyone needs to buy a copy of FVA and the DLC to help Kunos make Assetto Corsa as all proceeds go to them.

    Just played FVA again, F458 is brilliant fun and the F1 cars are sublime. Only NKP and GSC 2012 comes close to how fantastic FVA feels to drive :cool:
  3. A lot of people get confused and think they are driving a Ferrari 458 Italia, should be made clear that the car is a 458 Challenge, which is a racing car not a road car. Anyway, I still love this sim though it's a shame that its so limited in content, could have been made into a fantastic full game with these physics/graphics etc.

    As for some drivers doing unbelieveable times, I know that the leaderboard isnt really moderated, in the original tournament people were really exploiting the track in ways that wouldnt happen in the real world (going wide off the track at the end of S1 at Fiorano), some suspect times were very obviously cheating. But since the competition is long gone, it doesn't really matter.

    In terms of driving quality the FVA 458 Challenge is still one of my favourite of any sim.
  4. There is a discount on Ferrari Virtual Academy...complete pack for 9.90 Euros.
    I think it will be for August but im not sure.
    So everyone who wants to support Kunos i suggest go grab it ;) (as Travis said)
    Except the support...u will enjoy top physics,aewsome ffb and aewsome handling ;)
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  5. The entire FVA suite for € 9.90 is a bargain!
  6. I bought it today, dunno if I'll play it but at least I gave Kunos some cash (I hope, for all I know Ferrari licensing gets it all ><).
  7. I should have posted a 30% code I found for an even better deal for those who are considering buying FVA.
  8. Game Stock Car 2012> FVA
  9. Buying GSC gives Kunos $0 :)
  10. I'm not sure about that Kjell.

    Edit - I just reread what Kjell typed and I completely missed what was posted about GSC :redface:

    "We would also like to thank all the people that continue to support us, and the AC project, by purchasing our existing products. Please, continue to do so."


    Kunos must be receiving some of the sale proceeds from FVA.
  11. Yeah I know Travis, but they still earn nothing if I buy Game Stock Car from Reiza Studios :p
    I bought FVA to support Kunos, tested it yesterday and will prob uninstall today as I prefer both Race and nkpro to it.
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  12. :thumbsup:

    NetKar Pro is sensational isn't it. Don't mind FVA either.

    GSC 2012 is sublime and Race/GTR Evo is fantastic.
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  13. I haven't tried GSC much so I'll reserve my judgement of it till another day, but the KS2 in nkpro feels much more like how I imagine a real F1 car is to drive compared to FVA. Tbh I feel that FVA is a bit more towards arcade, the F1 cars are too forgiving. But what do I know, I haven't driven one irl and prob never will ^^
  14. I'm still waiting on the phonecall from Ferrari to try a real F1 car too :roflmao:

    GSC is worthy of the GOTY 2011 title RD awarded it. Fantastic sim from Reiza.
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  15. Just bought FVA and the 958 is the greatest sim car ever made IMO (so far!!) I am having a blast hotlapping Mugello..Absolute joy to drive, every corner a challenge.
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  16. I fell in love with the 458 too, I also still find the F1 cars in this sim are my favourite and what I feel are closest to reality currently, it gets me excited about what is in store for the future, I would like to hope that we will get some Formula 1 or Ferrari action in Assetto Corsa, probably won't happen though sadly.

    As for the KS2 vs FVA, I thought they drove very similar, the F1 car is more stable and has more downforce as I would predict. I think a lot of people confuse a car that is easy or natural to drive with being arcade, if you compare it to telemetry, onboard videos, and what can be learned about F1 cars through documentation or videos I think you might find yourself ending up roughly at where FVA is.

    It is ludicrous how early and how hard the F1 drivers can get on the throttle, how they can catch slides and how late they can brake, especially with the 2010 cars with double diffusers and bridgestone tyres. F1 cars are easy to drive by design, and often enough hardcore sim racers like/expect difficult and challenging drives by nature.

    Ask yourself, were you able to beat the times set by the F1 drivers? If so, how many laps did it take? I think the difficulty of driving an F1 car is more to do with the competition and skill of the other drivers, how fast they can adapt along with managing the brakes and the tyres, the wear and adjusting to the situation. It is these final things that simulations are lacking in, the real world variables. When it comes to driving the car in a simulated one lap (hotlap) driving model I think by current standards FVA is the best that is available to us.

    Thats how I feel about it anyway.
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  17. HI
    do you know if it possible to change the height of visual, I would like it a little bit lowest
  18. I know i'm late but, does anyone play still this game? do you use the KERS only in the main straight?
  19. Kers is best used to power through the gears, as soon as you have traction you should use it, Where you use it depends on the track, it is helpful to have enough ready for the final straight though to ensure you get a good start to your next lap.
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  20. Hi all. Before anyone accuses me of piracy, my username here is Tariq Gamil and you can see that my name is logged on the official FVA leaderboards so I do own FVA, I just want an offline version. I really love FVA because IMO, it's the closest thing to driving a real F1 car. My only issue is that my internet connection is unstable so sometimes, while I'm driving, I get disconnected. Also, I assume Ferrari will eventually shut down the server support for it so when that happens, no one will be able to log in! I don't want that

    In my experience with different software, I realised that there is a way of changing the server an application connects to. So for example of being something like or whatever, it could be changed to a local IP address like So since it's local, the application will always connect to the server and will allow access to the software. The only thing however is that I don't know how to do this since I assume the server configuration is embedded into the FVA.exe.

    I'm not looking for someone to post a modified FVA.exe publicly here, I don't want that because I 100% support Kunos (I've been playing their sims since the original netKar namie) so I believe that if anyone wants to play their sims, they should buy them. But perhaps, through the use of private messages, could someone share a modified FVA.exe for version 1.4?