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Apparel Ferrari Helmet 1.0

Fictional Helmet

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  1. Very helmet .... Gerald and a great work you've done ... but I wanted to strip with some Italian .. anyway nice job .. thank you ...:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

  2. This is not Italian, it is just something i had for sometime so uploaded it.
    I'll do Ferrari Italian version soon.
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  3. Ok .. Thanks .. Gerald I look forward to seeing another one of your masterpieces .. Thank you.
  4. The eagle eyes are watching you ...:ninja:You are incredible:thumbsup:
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  5. Thanks. :)
  6. Great work! Tell me it's possible made the helmet of Antonio Félix da Costa? It's a Reb Bull Jr. Team pilot. Ahhh... what you think this, see the picture ?

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  7. Is this Lorenzo's helmet or Da Costa's.
    I have one Da Costa helmet and it is different.
  8. It is Lorenzo´s Barcelona helmet on the pic:cool:
  9. this helmet is awsome
  10. My avatar is Da Costa, the pic is Lorenzo. Two great staff in Helmets. ;)
  11. Ok.
  12. Does someone have a link for da Costa's helmet for me?! That'll be great! Tanx!
  13. GREAT!!!!
  14. VGO


    Boa tarde! Seus capacetes são muito legais, parabéns! Teria como você criar um capacete do Nelson Piquet para f1 2012 pc?