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Steering Wheels Ferrari HD F1 Wheel 4096 1.1

High Res 500 , 4096x4096

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  1. I like it. :) When you finished all wheels, could you put all of them in a mod together?
    Would we really nice :)!
  2. badass ! thx !
  3. I Am going to add the 11 wheels and 19 tracks to my 2014 Ultimate RealiZm Mod , And then finish the audio with another update but the mod upto now is 2.2GB :thumbsup:
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  4. Whoa.. :confused: That's huge size, any chance for torrent?
    And will Sochi and Red Bull Ring are real tracks or just graphics tweaking?
  5. Not really into doing fictional mods , Would be nice to have the real tracks once the Xbox One DevKit is released I will buy one the same day and take the phrase modding to the next level I do not really see the point in renaming tracks and changing textures its still the same:thumbsup:
  6. Awesome job with the wheel but correct me if i'm wrong as far as I've seen Ferrari (at least on Sao paolo) had 3 green lights lighten up and missed the rest of the green lights when shifting up. So it only has 3 and with your mod it's not quite realistic as all the green lights lighten up. I can't show you a video example on the web but i have the 2013 sao paolo full race on my pc and i just watched it how it looked like and it only had 3 lights when shifting up.
    So when shifting up firstly it has 3 green lights then all the red and blue lights pop at the same time before shifting not after one by one.
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  7. Not had the chance to change anything at all m8 , Once I have finished all the 11 wheels with my led mod I will then change how the wheel lights up specific for each car,
    What you are seeing is the way codemasters created the game all I have changed at this point is the wheel textures and the led light strip now as the real led mod nothing else has been altered at this point:thumbsup:
  8. The Led,s in the picture are all the same its just showing you the detail I have created well 25% of it anyway the leds are 4096x1024 that picture is 800x200 I think I will edit them all again once all the wheels are finished ,
    But the textures are my main concern at this point:thumbsup:
  9. Thanks for clearing it up. Thought it was your mistake. But anway good to hear that you just made CM's original Led's visual quality better and will do proper led lighting ups according to real life one's :).
    Can't wait mate. Hope you make some awesome stuff . I bet it worths the wait :thumbsup:
  10. To be totally honest m8 Trevor was the only reason why I am finishing all the wheels he seems to like them,
    And hes looking at all the different lights on the wheels for me.
    And to be honest again I have only just looked at how to even edit the individual lights and it seems that all the textures are the same and the alpha mask that overlays on top of the texture you edit that so it blocks out some of the other lights.
    I will edit all them and make an update with all the wheels on my 2014 Ultimate RealiZm mod,
    But that hawain guy gave me a 1*star rating and a stupid reason why, If I would have realized that it works out at a % and not ratings and downloads to be honest once again I would not even have started the wheels:thumbsup:
  11. Nice Mod but the Led´s work like the Original and lights up 5 by 5 and not 1 by 1 like your Mod.
    What´s wrong
  12. I Have not messed with the LEDS Only changed the texture replacing them , Once all wheels are finished I will be updating all the lighting :thumbsup:
  13. The animated led light bar is just showing you the work I have done on the LED Lighting its just an example all wheels will be updated into my 2014 Ultimate RealiZm Mod with all the correct lighting:thumbsup: