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Ferrari F2008

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Gerald Chinoy, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Hi, this has been done on Marussia and will replace Ferrari.

    Ferrari F2008
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  2. screen?
  3. Check out My W.I.P thread regarding Ferrari F2008.
    Video :
  4. sorry, I did not see it :)
  5. No problem buddy. :thumbsup:
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  6. mydriaz


    I've seen your first release yesterday and now this car looks really great !
    Thank you for your good job ;)
  7. Thanks for appreciating it. :)
  8. Does it got the driving like Marussia:

    Like maximum speed

    Stuff like that... or is it just the outter look?

    BTW: looks awesome!
  9. Yeah it will have the performance of marussia for now.
    I haven't tweaked the performance yet.
    But with Fernando and Massa as ai, rather then glock and pic, the cars will be a bit quicker then normal.
  10. Hi,
    This is an update for the livery.
    Few logos added and few tweaked.
    And the white stripes added. Ferrari F2008 2.jpg Ferrari F2008 3.jpg Ferrari F2008.jpg
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  11. nice nice, can u do the right number for Marussia on the car, 23, 24??
  12. Sure i'll replace 1 and 2 with 23 and 24.:thumbsup:
  13. looking much better, still not a fan of the marlboro logo on the nose and Fiat logo should be smaller with and Alice logo in that position but otherwise fantastic work
  14. Thanks for the suggestions mate. :thumbsup:
    I'll make the changes.
    Just to be sure what is wrong with alice logo, please tell so i can make necessary changes.
  15. nice work.
    Timo Glock 23
    Charles Pic 24
    can u fix this?
  16. Very nice work..keep this up !
  17. new download link (fixed number)
  18. just got back to the laptop.
    I'll upload, just 10 mins.