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Ferrari F2002 @ Monza

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by NeverKrash, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. NeverKrash

    CTDP, URD, RSS, ORC, VS, Pro Sound Designer Premium

    I'll keep updating the F2002 setups as time goes on
    Achieved a 1:20.864 in a public server with 100% track grip, no aids.
    Similar to default, with appropriately tuned gear ratios and wings.

    Copy file to:
    C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Assetto Corsa\setups\ferrari_f2002\monza
    First chicane - Use 1st gear
    Second chicane - Use 2nd gear
    Use 3rd gear for the two Lesmo right-handed corners
    3rd gear in Ascari
    3rd for the final Parabolica corner

    I recommend downshifting late at heavy braking zones.

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  2. I found the FFB become very light or completely gone especially braking in the first 2 corners .. thats make me very hard to corner properly :(
  3. lower steer assist setting for better ffb
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  4. Do we have DRS & KERS in this car doing Monza ?? Thanks
  5. Lower the steer assist setting do help my ffb abit when the car is in very slow speed but still not the same like the other AC's official car ..
  6. 1.19.697 v1.4.3.

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  7. Looks like 1:19.493 by robyf1ita is the time to beat .. crazy fast :whistling:
  8. :thumbsup: video hotlap and setup on youtube
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  9. Not sure if its my DFGT to blame but have to modified quite some brake related settings to make the setup work for me especially for the 1st 2 heavy brake corners .. improved my PB to 1:20.053 but still cant fly through that 2 corners like how you do in the video atm.
  10. Fanatec pedals with load cell can help you
  11. Yeah i know but too bad only Logitech is available in my country even if $$$ is not a problem. Waiting for G29 to drop price or same price but include shifter atm :rolleyes:
    By the way my PB now is 1.19.847 .. still another 4 tenth to catch your's
  12. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    @ROBY F1 thank you very much for your setup!

    I made very few changes to manage a 1:19:587. You should try this setup, because it's more willing to turn into Lesmo 1 and Parabolica...

    @LazyBug I also tryed front wing at "1" and indeed the car turns better. But it's not as fast as at "0". So harder rear ARB and springs did the trick for me.

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  13. thx, but now I did the setup for spa .. Do not ride at Monza.
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  14. My main problem is not the setup but my DFGT wheel; The not load cell brake pedal is not the main problem actually, I mean sometime the car in game will accelerate even if i just put my foot on the pedal set without touching the accelerate pedal if you know what i mean :whistling:

    Anyway i do try your setup but doesnt really change too much .. good time anyway i will try to catch that later :cool:
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  15. got a 1.19.358 with lazybugs setup (with tc at 1 and abs)
    cars feels great and you can really push for mid-high 19s without problems (ascari is a bitch tho :D)
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  16. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Try with the 1.1 update :)