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Ferrari doesn't offer me a new contract

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Nick Deeley, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Ok, 2 races to go. Me (Ferrari) and Webber are seperated by 3 points. No other driver, other than us 2 can win the championship, but yet Ferrari are not going to offer me a contract for next year.

    How the heck does that work?
  2. are you driving with ferrari?
  3. on interview do you credit your team for your accomplishments?
  4. Yeah im with Ferrari, and i do credit the team in the interviews.
  5. thats unusual aslong as you keep them sweet and are performing well they should offer you a new contract otherwise you would be driving for no one check in the agent sub menu and see if the team are happy with you cos i cant understand why they wouldnt renew your contract
  6. Says they're thrilled. The team feel very confident about you achieving the race objective.

    I've had 3, maybe 4 bad races all year where I haven't scored points. Only in Korea did i fail to get into the top 10 in quali. And i finished 20th there, and after that race is where the agent said they didnt want me.

    Season objective: finsh 2nd. And im 68 points clear of 3rd with one race to go now.
  7. thats really confusing ill have a look around and see if i can find anything about it if i do ill let you know
  8. Yes, it's a joke isn't it. Me, I'm driving with Mclaren, won the championship with 4 races spare, been good with the interviewing and they are letting me go at the end of the season too, yeah right !!! likely.......

    Gutting thing was I turned down a contract with Ferrari the race before and they didn't offer again so had to settle with Red Bull lol.
  9. lol, at least you've got a drive ;)
  10. you don't have enough reputation built up to "stay" with the team

    in your 2nd or 3rd year of career and racing for Ferrari?? your reputation level needs to be much higher to maintain that level of contract
  11. Ah, at least it gives me an opportunity to create history by winning 3 titles in a row in 3 different teams as im with red bull.
  12. This happens all the time, i have been with ferrari once and mclaren 2 times. Won World Championships everytime but they never renewed my contract.
  13. Maybe thats how the career works? You can't extend your contract on only one team so you can play different teams? Has someone get an offer to extended their contracts in one team?
  14. No i have been offered new contracts with the lower rep teams, just not from the big teams
  15. maybe they feel they've reached the max they can get and are looking for a fresh man with fresh records to make :)
  16. maybe sakon yamamoto waved his cheque book ;)
  17. This happened to me too! I just finished my second season with Red Bull after I was with Lotus in my rookie year (back to back drivers champion) I won it quite early with RDR aswell. I was quite positive in my interviews. Also, helped win Constructors for them too. Vettel wasn't very helpful either. Massa and Alonso were finishing better than him. Anyway, cause Alonso was my rival and I beat him, Ferrari offered me a contract, though as 2nd driver with Alonso number one. All the minor teams and one or two of the middle level teams like Williams offered me a contract, but Ferrari is the more competative. I kinda wanted to stick with Red Bull, just so I would be number 1 in my third season.
  18. It's quite clear cut how it works; you MUST have a certain level of reputation to get a contract offer from a team, wether its a fresh sign or a renewal. By beating your rival, its possible to get a contract without the required level, but if your level is too low at the end of the year they will kick you out no matter what.
    Codemasters implemented the rival system so players wouldnt get fed up with being forced to drive for lower-tier teams for years before being able to secure a drive with the big boys. With it, you can drive for any team you like as long as you beat one of their drivers.

    The top three teams; Ferrari, McLaren and Red bull require a reputation level of around 35. It varies depending on how long your career is and what season you're in. Getting to 35 in 7-year career mode takes about 4-5 years.
  19. Spot on mate, Just because your driving with ferarri doesnt gaurantee you get aanother contract even if you have domniated the season and praised the team, you need a high rep level to get an extension.
  20. Ah, thats what it could be. I got to 29 at the end of my season. I noticed McLaren wanted a rep of 33.