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Cars Ferrari 488 SPIDER 1.5

New Ferrari 488 SPIDER mod

  1. garuda submitted a new resource:

    Ferrari 488 SPIDER - New Ferrari 488 SPIDER mod

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  2. Thanks!
    Assetto Corsa - garuda - Ferrari 488 SPIDER 1.0 T500RS 60FPS (Cockpit-TV-Cam)
  3. hi ive downloaded the mod but asking for a password when trying to open the folder can you please help? many thanks looks awsome!!
  4. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    Very nice , had to edit the driver3D ini to loose driver head (for rift user ) .






    FILTER=0.15 ; AMOUNT OF FILTERING APPLIED TO THE G VALUES. 0=no movement, do not use. Low values=high filter, high values=low filter
    MAX_G=2.0 ; Max G level allowed. G above this value will be clamped
    ROLL_MAX_DEG=-12.0 ; Head roll vs lateral G. Max rotation at MAX_G lateral G
    PITCH_MAX_DEG=-15 ; Same as above but for head pitch vs longitudinal G (braking)
    YAW_MAX_DEG=20 ; Same as above for head yaw vs lateral G
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  5. sure? There isn't password in the file
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  7. Joe Moore

    Joe Moore
    Premium Member

    Work with all my mods , once there was a data folder to open :)
  8. Don´t hate but ....
    Could anyone rip it to Project CARS ? :D
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  9. Please don't do it as a whole, because you'll also change driver model and change head animations that can clip etc. For older mods, in assettocorsa\content\cars\<target car>\data\driver3d.ini just replace:
    Other than that, when starting a new mod, the modder should look at new formula_k\data\driver3d.ini when setting up the default driver as you pasted.
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  11. No Exterior-Sound with update 1.93. Please make a exterior sound-update for this great car. thanks...
  12. Kunos 488 sounds could be perfect for this car? Should be pretty easy to add them.
  13. This will not work, since a bankfile in principle is a rarfile. It contains individual sounds. If you take one files of another cars, the belonging to the sounds is missing.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2016
  14. There's a tutorial around for how to do it...all you need to do is rename the bank and make a GUIDs.txt for the new car and it works fine.
  15. aphidgod

    Premium Member

    If you use Content Manager, you can do it in the software by clicking a button and selecting a donor car. You don't even have to know what you're doing. :)
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