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Skins Ferrari 312t -UOP Shadow 1.0

Ferrari 312t -UOP Shadow

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  1. Good skin.
  2. Thanks mate!
  3. Love the skin!

    I just loaded it into the sim and noticed the colours on the front wing are much duller than on the side of the car. Is that accurate?

    Thanks again :thumbsup:
  4. Kunos have introduced an aluminium dds file for this car..... I changed the alpha channel to enhance the colour. It looks okay on my system..... I have HDR on with colour saturation set to 105%..
  5. OK, maybe that's why. I have saturation turned down to 60% as I find that anything much higher than that and it starts to look too cartoonish for my taste. Just found it odd that the colours on the side were so much brighter than on the front wing.
  6. yeah, it's because the front wing is aluminium. If you look at the default cars, they all have the same front wing....