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Skins Ferrari 248 F1 Year 2006 2.0

Skin Ferrari 248 chassis based Red Bull,replaces the Ferrari in the game.

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  1. why not with the real ferrari chassis ?
  2. thank so much , where you found the helmet schumacher ?
  3. Helmet Schumacher is imported from a mod 2013 then I have adapted to 2014.
  4. Hi I found the helmet schumacher on mod f1 2013 but can t work with f1 2014 can you help me ? or send your work by here . Helmet schumacher with MARLBORO. Thank
  5. Send me your email.
  6. You could have placed the rest of the logos on the rear wing sides, there are still some room there for logos on the Redbull's template but overall it looks good. Congrats.
  7. Thank for the hemmet schumacher . www.falundafa.org
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  8. thanks W1n1x.