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Female Driver in Career mode

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Rian Speed, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. lol hahahahaha.. There's no female in the modern formula 1 yet... :D
  2. lol yeah....but still,i gave a try and it worked :D i tried removing helmets of drivers in cutscenes...and it also effing worked!!:roflmao: I can show preview if you want
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  3. A titless female driver ?!? lollll
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  4. no comment.
  5. lol. Well, if you haven't noticed all sports girls don't have tits. What would you expect? Her tits to fly around the car when she's driving with 300 km/h? And with all the hormons she's taken - she might have balls too.. :D
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  6. True :D

    But still a good work for ladies who want a female driver
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  7. Ohh noo....:roflmao::roflmao: Take a look at Susie Wolff,when your wearing racing suit,tits aren't much visible :D But please...this conversation is getting....
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  8. I'm gonna release a multiple skin choice career driver face...many black drivers have complained about it.
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  9. well done, and right on
    *ignoring the really mature comments o.O*
  10. LOl...i'm not even an adult :x3:
  11. that's f1 2011??
  12. F1 2011/anims/female driver;)
  13. thats unusable :(
  14. yep.
  15. Natacha Gachnang HAS got some big Boobs, so the rumour sports women do not have boobs is false


  16. I wanna see her driving F1! hahahaha :)
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  17. Seriously guys...damn...this thread wasn't started to discuss women boobs. :notworthy:
  18. Do "L.Caaley" on the suit. :roflmao:
  19. Nationality?
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