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Feedback from people who own or have actually used the new Fanatec CSW with either of the 2 wheel th

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Bob Luneski, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Would like some crisp first impressions from people after using the new wheel. Thanks in advance
  2. 1. Do not expect it to feel perfect out of the box.
    2. Adjustments will be required to make it fit you.
    3. Once setup the way you like it physically. Take the time to use the tools available to zero in on the FFB feel you like. Mine is very different from the settings I used for my G25.
    4. Grow bigger hands. The reach to some of the buttons on the GT wheel are long.
    5.The forces can be strong. Don't be in a hurry to crank them up.
    6. It's phyically a little taller than my G25 was so some adjustments to my cockpit were neccessary to get the correct sight lines.
    7. It's going to feel big at first but that quickly goes away.
    8.It's not perfect yet as there's some work to be done by iRacing in regards to all the controls. Currently that afffects mostly the 4 way sticks.
    9. I feel like there is still a little wiggle in the quick disconnect unless my wheel did not get the adjustments to make it solid.
    10. It's a really nice piece of kit. If it lasts as long as my G25 did it will be well worth the money.
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  3. Thanks. My 4+ year old G25 is starting to feel "tired". I'm seriously considering a CSW to mate with my Clubsport wheels. Fortunately they're out of stock until September so I don;t have to decide right away LOL :)