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FCR Swaps with FDD

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Yuri Braham, Aug 12, 2011.

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  1. To give you guys a clear and straight view about whats going on within FDR (Flying Dutchman Racing).
    We of FDR can tell you that we dropped FCR (Flying Canadian Racing). We had to many issues with getting the drivers on the grid. BUT REMEMBER IT WAS NOT OUR TEAM! It is still the Team of Keith Barrick. Who has it very busy with work atm.
    We of FDR decided we needed a second team (Even if FCR would still excist we woudl have started it).
    The second team is Flying Dutchman Development racing. A team made for the new simracers, and uprising talents.
    We give them full support and a chance to become in our topteam of Flying Dutchman racing.
    Members of the Flying Canadian Racing have been transferred to the FDR and FDD team.
    We don't want to give you guys any secret suprises that you don't like!
    So feel free to ask anything. And i try to answer it. Ohw and good luck with the uncoming round of STC. :cool:
  2. Thx Yuri,

    So if i get it right, since this is a new team they will pick their cars like all the new teams after the old teams ?
  3. No, they are just changing the name basically Tom. It is the same structure than FCR. :)
  4. Very intresting, when can we expect the line up for FDD?
  5. We need line up, team spokesman, logo, etc.
  6. there where you could not call to rename. it's a new team
  7. Yes Robin but the fact is that it was their team. I am sure Yuri will explain better than me what he literally means.
  8. Lol ok i try to explain. The current drivers of FCR have been merged to FDD. So yeah FCR is changed in to FDD. But the old FCR is still a name not owned by us FDR. Maybe thats a bit more clear ;)
  9. To be honest, in my opinion it is a new team. I mean this is basically the same thing as Flatout changing the name of our club team and throwing in the top drivers from the racing team. By doing this we could get a significant advantage in the car lottery but between FCR and FDR there isn't such a big difference. Still, no matter how hard I tried to think of a way to rationalize that it wasn't a new team, I just couldn't come up with one. I mean this is more than just changing a name of a team.
  10. Mikko,

    Thanks for your honest opinion. And what ever the dissision is from the racestaff i agree with it.
    I just don't want to start this season with a team that is beeing flamed at.
    So i can only answer questions about the changes and what you can expect from the current team.
    i am not gonna start a disscusion about the place we should be on to pick a car! thats up to the staff.

    And David, Hugo sended you the logo's etc.
  11. Well it says the team would be started up even if FCR stayed, so then they would be last picking a car like all new teams.
    But now FCR stops they ar not ? Doesn't realy make sense to me.

    If its just a name change, then just call it a name change and be over with it. Which isn't possible since it wasn't their team (of which i had no idea :) ).
    But here it clearly says NEW team, so therefore my question.
    The explenation explaining the NEW team would be started up even if FCR stayed makes it very clear for me tbh. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked :) :) .

    If i get it right FDR created a sister team and an other one stoped. Not much different then Gbk. Not realy fair for Gbk if you ask me. Only difference is some guys from FCR will race for FDR. Or am i wrong here.
  12. all way too confusing for me, the kind of issue that needs to be settled in the pub over a pint between 10pm and midnight :)
  13. OK, FDDr choose last in the car decision days. List updated HERE

  14. We see an other update, sure its not an error ?
  15. Please say that it is an error.
  16. I already send you the logo :) And the lineup will come this weekend.
  17. No it is not an error guys. The RPM guys decided they needed a free season off from STC. They will be back in the near future for sure, but not for the Black Cup 11.
  18. :( :( :( , damn we where very proud to be able to fight with them for the championship uptil the last race in the 2 previous seasons. We where hoping to do it again in the next one. But sure they will be back in full force season after.
  19. Yeah, we at STC are very proud of RPM. An example of "savoir faire" and commitment always, we will miss them.
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