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Favourite Drivers

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Anthony Lucas, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. Hey guys i havent seen a thread posted up for this yet but i could have missed it

    Just wondering who peoples favourite drivers are in real F1

    I have two - one who is my favourite, and one who I consider to be the best driver on the grid.

    My FAVOURITE is .Kamui Kobayashi. Surprised? Hear me out: last season, when he stepped in to replace Timo Glock in Brazil, he showed a lot of guts, defending against Jenson Button and finished in a respectable 9th place. I don't know many newcomers who have done that in their first F1 race in a middle-of-the-road racecar (in fact, I think Toyota was one of the poorer cars that season, was it not?) .

    Button commented on Kobayashi's debut by describing him as "Absolutely crazy; very aggressive", which I suspect is just sour grapes because he had a lot of trouble overtaking despite having vastly more experience and the fastest car on the track.

    In Valencia 2010, he proved his skill once again by spending 50 of the 53 laps on one set of tyres (primes, I believe), and then with fresh option tyres he overtook Alonso for 11th place - not easy given he's one of those most aggressive drivers in F1, and drives a Ferrari (one of the fastest on track at the moment).

    And of course, Suzuka this morning. An absolute banzai charge in the last few laps. I think he overtook about 3 people in as many laps, including his team-mate. He did well to deal with Alguersuari's violent hissy-fit too - most people would crash out if they had a brat deliberately ramming a Toro Rosso-shaped hole into the side of their car.

    In short: Give this guy a drive in a Red Bull or McLaren, and he would be mighty.

    The BEST driver in my opinion is... Lewis Hamilton. His casual yet gung-ho attitude in 2007 and 2008 was a breath of fresh air, and his overtaking manouvres takes sheer guts. As Brundle said during the Suzuka qualifying yesterday - Hamilton can overtake where others wouldn't dare.I like taking that approach he does in the game when i play. I just wish he wouldn't be such a downer whenever he has a bad session.

    I also like Alonso he is a remarkable talented driver and won two hard fought championships against Michael Schumacher, has had some great races in really, really bad cars.

    So whats everyone elses opinions on this?
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Michael Schumacher - Needs no introduction

    Robert Kubica - Hope he never leaves teams like Renault and BMW and never gets a seat in either McLaren, Ferrari or Red Bull so the myth stays that he is the best racer of them all but is always in a slower car :)

    Fernando Alonso - More or less the same as Kubica, but with a small difference that he actually became world champion before he went to Ferrari which makes him really big imo. Loved his performance during his days with the legendary Minardi team.
  3. alonso alonso alonso alonso :)
    he must win 2010 :D too much bad luck may cost hes title this year but its not over til its over :)
  4. Mark Webber - Top bloke
    Lewis Hamilton - British and hugely talented
    Jenson Button - Really nice guy, British, often surprises you.
    Karun Chandok - Nice guy, knows ****loads about F1, has been great on BBC 5 Live friday practice commentry.

    To be honest i like a lot of the drivers, i don't think i have a clear favourite these days. I want Mark to win the world championship, i want Karun to get a drive next year. I would love it if Michael got back on form next year too, as after hakkinen left i always wanted Michael to win.

    About Jenson above, at that late stage in the season jenson didn't have the fastest car on the track anymore, top 4 perhaps but much like this year Red Bull, Mclaren and Ferrari were faster. For a first race Kumai (though awesome and clearly he is talented) did drive quite dangerously, and to be fair to jenson he did a great job of taking the position he needed. That Brawn from around the midpoint of the season just did not get any faster and the other teams strolled past, they were lucky to make the most of the early season advantage they had, in securing the championship
  5. i never liked alonso, he's a very good driver, but so arrogant and selfish...

    my favourite is kubica, huge talent. kobayashi amuses me. and i'm always supporting massa because, huh, i'm brazilian. but he's a actually a very combative driver, just having a nightmare season, i suppose.
  6. i do agree with that Kumai was driving very wrecklessly but i admire that in some respects especially for his first race and he showed extreme courage and some great skill to hold Button off like that but the statement about buttons car is eniterl correct it wasnt as competitive at that stage of the season but either was Kumai's and he did do a fantastic job
  7. To me its more then one driver i like.

    I like Michael Schumacher and i hope he'll be fast again to show everyone that he is not too old. I think its quite brave to come back.

    The two quickest guys to me are Hammilton and Vettel. I like both of them.

    I don't like Alonso and Mark Webber.
  8. On track - Hamilton
    Off track - Button.

    Also, had a little look at drive consistency last night, the result probably wont suprise you. Jenson Button is the only one in the top 5 which has consistently improved his position during a race. He's made 59points more than if he finished each race where he started.

    If they'd all finished where they started the top5 would look like this:

    Vettel - 319
    Webber - 281
    Alonso - 195
    Hamilton - 180
    Button - 130
  9. thats an interesting fact man button is a solid talent in F1 no doubt and i respect him as a driver he really does have a lot of talent and im glad he is getting the chance to show it now
  10. Jenson needs to improve his qualifying time, he relies too much on the car needing to be perfect, where as lewis can pull the car around the track against its will. In the race jenson always does pretty well, good consistant pace, looks after the tyres and makes smart decisions. If only he could piece it together better in qualifying he would be in a much better position to win the championship again.

    Realistically i dont think he has a chance this year. Infact it isnt looking great for either mclaren drivers.
  11. 1.Robert Kubica
    2.Fernando Alonso
    3.Mark Webber

    Sebastian Vettel, i dont like him but he is good driver
  12. On Track - Vettel I think has raw talent (although off track I don't like him at all)

    Off Track - draw between Jensen and Nico Rosberg. I think both have a decent personality, as far as you can tell on TV, and with Nico I always liked his dad as well.
  13. Has to be Mark Webber for me :)
  14. Mark Webber
    Sebastian vettel
    Fernando Alonso
    Michael Shumacher.
    Nico Rosberg.
    Rubens Barrichello.
    Pedro de la Rosa.( one of the best test driver)
    Jenson button( he did a great job last year)
  15. Cheers for the input guys