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Favorite car/track combos

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Kevin Knorpp, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Kevin Knorpp

    Kevin Knorpp

    Here are mine. What are yours?

    Nords - Spark F1 (Recommend offline race, ghost or online practice mode with invulnerability and waiting up for folks when they crash, etc.)

    Toban - Skip Barber (and almost any other car, too! This is also great in rFactor 1 with 37GP mod)

    Motorsports Ranch - Skip Barber (I prefer Regional but very challenging so National is great, too, if you find Regional too frustrating on this track)

    British GP - F3 international layout - Spark F1 (also excellent in rFactor 1 with Historix Porsche 906 prototype, especially with Game Stock Car Mini tire sounds)

    Lientz - Spark F1 (everyone should also experience Lientz in rFactor 1 with 37GP mod before they die)

    Mountain forest - Spark F1 (and almost any other car, too!)

    Essington Park - Lola (online multi-class races at Essington Park have been epic!)

    Oran Park - Spark F2 (one word.......intense! :))

    Poznan - Megane (and almost any other car, too!)

    Black Hole Ring - Spark F1

    Salem Valley - Spark F1

    Sebring (12H) - Lola

    Topeka - Long layout - Spark F1 (one word.........fast!.........OK two words --> fast AND SLICK! :) RUBBER IS CRITICAL!)

    Pocoyo Park - Spark F1 (and almost any other car, too!)

    Mills Outer Loop A - Spark F1 (long sweeping decreasing radius left hander into tight S-turn is sublime ; too bad not raced online more but I think it has something to do with mod packaging)

    Putnam Park - Spark F2

    Palm Beach - Spark F2 (excellent online race combo!)

    Lutzland - Skip Barber

    Botniaring (long) - Spark F1

    Sears Point - Spark F2 (and almost any other car, too!)

    Croft - Spark F2
  2. Kevin Knorpp

    Kevin Knorpp

    Have to add the new hidden valley (with 60s F1) and ISR track (with 60s F2) to this list, too! :)

    Edit: And the superb new South Loop at Malaysia (with 60s F1 of course:))