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Favorite car to drive

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by mdwali, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Name your top 2 favorite rides! I posed this question in another forum and most guys seemed to love the older, historic cars.

    In AC my favorite 2 are EASILY the Ruf Rt12 and the Ferrari F40 Stage 3. 2 friggin Godzillas that you have to tame to master. Anyone knows of a league for these PLEASE let me know. The GT3'S just seem too easy to drive IMO.
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  2. BMW Z4 GT3 just for fun

    Sauber Mercedes C9 for the thrill...
  3. Shelby Cobra original street version
    Nissan GT3
    Renault Formula 3.5
    Mercedes SLS
  4. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    McLaren F1 GTR + Fonsecker sound mod : just bang in gears, its #*&$ing amazing
    Ruf Yellowbird - because d0rift0
    458 S3 - really fun an balanced machine
    599XX - beast with Neverkrash sound mod
    All GT3s except for the Mclarens since they have none of the Turbo and all of the Lag.

    We really need an F40 GTE/LM to pair against the F1, what a series that would be. I know an F50 is being made but its all hush hush.
  5. F40 and F1 GTR I guess... Oh, and the Koenigsegg One:1 *wink wink nudge nudge*.
  6. Opel Calibra DTM
  7. I'd want to say every single GT3, but because I can't go at the same pace with each car I'd have to prefer some over the other.
    The WRC Volkswagen Polo is pretty sick to drive at Trento, AWD and handbrake - ftw right?
    McLaren F1 GTR from time to time, the handbrake isn't amazing but its basically a really fast Group Double B car, sick to go sideways in up the hills.
    The new Superleggera with 1200 horses at 100% boost is pretty crazy, takes 500 meters to go from 0-350 :D
  8. Glenn Briden

    Glenn Briden

    No question Corvette C7.R
    Followed close by Mclaren 650 GT3
  9. gt86 hands down
    and maybe the yellowbird
  10. Mazda 787b number one.

    Then it's about 5 cars I like and pleased to switch around. Sauber c9, Shelby cobra, BMWm3 e30, Lotus 72d and McLaren f1
  11. lol most difficult question ever...:roflmao:
    It's like asking "what is your favorite video game of all-time?"

    I can't answer, but I did notice that usually when I don't know what to choose, I ALWAYS go back to open wheelers or convertibles...
    So for me, Lotus 49 and Caterham. (we really need more Caterham cars in this game)

    If I had to choose GT cars, I'm all for Italian cars.
    Ferrari 458 GT2 (back then when I drove in rFactor and GTR2, I prefered the 360 Modena) and how about Lamborghini GT3 (can't decide between Gallardo and Huracan).
    Their engine sound is better than sex.:rolleyes:
  12. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    For sunday driver on any track can't go far wrong with the GT86.
    In race trim I'm into the Corvette atm.

    I know you said two but I always have a soft spot for the 599 in every sim it appears. I'm not a huge Ferrari fan in general but let's be honest here, it's a proper mans car, for men
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  13. 1. Ferrari SF15-T
    2. McLaren 650S GT3
  14. Ferrari F248
    Williams F1 2009
  15. Escort rs1600
  16. Lamborghini Hurcan. Least I like it during Blancpain races

    Nascar Chevy SS. Ever since I watch nascar on Sunday's became my top favorite races of all time. Now I finally have it on AC and I enjoy it so much!!!
  17. CCL71


    Road cars:
    Toyota GT 86 (shows that a car doesn't have to be fast to be fun)
    BMW e92 M3 (pretty well behaved car, it understeers and oversteers in fairly equal amounts, balanced)
    Ferrari 458 (great power to grip ratio. add to that, great looks and sounds. just a sexy mf)

    Race cars:
    Ford Escort rs (might be the best car to learn how to drive on. a back to basics car)
    BMW m235 race car (might be the most forgiving of the race cars)
    Corvette C7 (damn thing is a beast. most times I feel like I'm holding on for dear life, lol)

    Open wheel:
    Renault Formula 3.5 (even though I suck majorly with open wheel cars, I just like the way it feels)

    I agree with @Lily Starfox that it's hard to just name 2. Call me greedy but I can't choose just one car or sim. It's like eating just one Oreo, it can't be done :)
  18. i like gt cars and openwheelers the most so these are my favorites

    458 gt2
    650s gt3

    Though i havent tried them all out yet.