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Fastline skids (???)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by nothke, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Ok, please can you tell me... what are fastline skids exactly?? It's not an object, there is no information about it in files... Than what is it?

    In game it seems like its an above ground decal poly, like a skid made of the wall.. But after exporting in 3dsimed, there it disappears... The skid is pretty useful and I don't wanna spend hours of hunting for the right spot to make a start for skid wall..
  2. Ok, I've dound it.. It's in the AIW file 2 lines:


    But in btb there is an option to set fastline DARKNESS, I can't find that still
  3. oh no, I found it.. It's the:
    ..line.. but its on every waypoint!

    Is there a way to just go into aiw editor and say "generate grooves"?
  4. If you want a constant darkness for all waypoints, just search an replace all wp_galpha=(0) with wp_galpha=(0.5) for example. the higher the number, the darker the groove (numbers from 0-1).
    the location of the groove is the fastlane in btb.
    the best way i found to vary the darkness is with the programm "GTL Groove" where you can simply edit every waypoint and also see, where on the track this point is.
  5. Old post but yes: ISI AIW/CAM Editor -> unsupported options -> calculate groove on exit. It has a bug, the screen won't show you when you have clicked it so click ~ten times to be sure.