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Fantec GT3 RS V2 Wheel Change?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Gary Jibb, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys.
    I bought a used GT3 RS V2 and a set of Clubsport Pedals yesterday and I'm wondering if I can change the wheel to an aftermarket racing wheel. I really haven't looked into it a ton, but I still haven't seen anything yet.
    I'm using a G25 with a quick release and a 320mm suede wheel with my own button plate. I haven't used the wheel yet but I'm excited to give it a go. The belt drive system seems much smarter and in theory alot smoother than plastic cog gears. I don't know how much of a problem it would be since (from my understanding) the FFB, steering angle, etc are all programmed on the wheel buttons. I should be able to set everything where I want it, than replace the wheel and not worry about the settings after that.
    Thanks for any advice in advance.
  2. Well so far I haven't found anything, and no one has responded. I think I'll just take the wheel apart and go from there. I expect to have to manufacture some type of plate/adaptor to add a quick release. I'll keep everyone posted I guess.
  3. Hey Gary, I'd like to hear what you come up with. I'm interested in trying to change the rim on my CSR as well, but I've heard that the board used to control the settings has to stay connected.
  4. ReDi

    Slightly Mad Studios

    The challenge with doing this is to find a way to fit the rim electronics inside the new rim and to fit buttons to all the right places.
  5. Could you not just put your own buttons on the wheel and adapt the button controller to be hidden somewhere else, let's say in a compact case hidden under the desk? Easy enough to lengthen the wires...
    I honestly haven't even tried anything yet. I can't shy away from my modified G25 just yet, it feels perfect to me (obviously not perfect, but what I'm comfortable with and used to). I'm also pretty sure that when I modified the FFB for the logitech wheel, it does not swap over nicely to the fanatec. Need to look into that soon.
    The thing that confuses me the most is why the fanatec wheel is off center, or if it just looks like that because of the bulky ugly mock-"Porsche" wheel they threw on it. (No that's not a bash against Porsche, it's against every wheel maker who thinks we're all 12 year old's and like using 250mm wheels)
  6. I finally got around to "looking into" what would need to be done to put an aftermarket wheel in a GT3 RS base.

    After taking the wheel and internals (of the wheel) apart I took the base case apart and re-routed the wires for the wheels board through one of the holes on the front/side of the base. I'm going on my hunch of just leaving the board off to the side of the base. In my mind, once the settings are set the board has no use being on the wheel itself.

    Now there are two little vibration motors inside of the wheel itself, which I'm not sure how it will feel without them being put onto a new wheel. I honestly tried my GT3 for about 3 minutes before I went back to my modded G25. Do any of you guys notice the feel of them while driving? They remind me of the motor on the back of the CSP brake pedal (there for show, and have zero feeling while racing).

    My main issue still to resolve is the adapter plate for a new wheel. The rod from the base to connect to a wheel is literally an inch round with 4 screw holes. To go from a 1 inch circle to a 2.75 circle seems like a big leap and would stress the system (plastic) more than I would like it to. I'm considering taking a mold of the back of the wheel (where it would mount to the base) and then just adding half an inch of solid where the 2.75 holes would be drilled. The adapter plate would look like a "T" if that helps. * If you didn't know, the wheels mounting into the base sits inside of the 1 inch round "rod" with the 4 screw holes on the inside of the circle. As if the wheel itself is the male, and the base is the female part. *

    Any input on an adapter plate would be greatly appreciated since I'm just wingin' everything. Too many projects on the go at once and trying to prioritize which is more fun for me. Trying to build my own custom steering wheel at the same time, just without all the nice cnc gadgetry that the other guys have, plus still not finished the cockpit as a whole, plus everything else life likes to throw towards me.

    I can take some pictures if you guys would like to see how far it is right now, or how I got the toggle buttons off the steering wheel board and the board out itself. That part took minor thinking, but if it helps you not to break your fancy wheel than I'm more than happy to help.

    I'll keep anyone up to date when things keep happening.

  7. I think these are mainly to let you know when you have reached the rotation limit, that is the only time I have ever felt them activated.
  8. Thanks Warren.
    I really have no problem just getting rid of them anyways, but it's good to know. My opinion is they are way too small to be of any use anyways. Half a gram spinning around in a half inch circle is not enough motion in my mind to be felt doing anything, let alone while seriously race.