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Fanatec with Third-party PS/2 Cable

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by FerrariMan96, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Are any of you guys out there with Fanatec products using a third-party ps/2 cable?

    I am using the one that came the pedals with my shifter (because the shifter one is too short) and then bought another cable off eBay and it isn't working - on the PS3, if I use the third party cable with the shifter it just registers all gears as either second or fifth, and if I use it with the pedals the gas just stays on constantly. I haven't tested it with the PC and the third party cable.

  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Most of the PS3 wheels require that the wheel and pedals be connected as the factory intended them to be or else it won't see things properly. For the PC, this is different as you can get USB cables for shifters as well as pedals and they can be seen as separate devices.
  3. I understand what you're saying but I am connecting it in the way it was intended, just with a cable that wasn't the original Fanatec one but should still be the same...
  4. I had this issue previously when I wanted to move a Fanatec shifter further away. I picked up a PS/2 cable form Maplin (electrical store) and it didn't work. It turns out some PS/2 cables only have/require 4 pins connected but Fanatec equipment requires all 6 pins.
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  5. Ah ok, trust me to pick a dodgy cable :p
  6. Still have to be careful because even though it has 6 pins, doesn't mean all 6 are connected. It's a right pain as no company seems to mention if they all pins connected or not. I would ask them before you buy ;)