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Sell Fanatec Universal Hub with Flat1 EU rim

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Marketplace' started by Richard Torp Jensen, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. From 17/12 - 2014 and used only a couple of hours.

    Price from new 349€ + shipping.

    Will sell for 275€ + shipping within EU.

    Bought the Porsche Porsche 918 RSR EU, because I can`t use the small Flat1 EU due to my arthritis in my shoulders.
    I could have bought a bigger rim for the hub, but I prefer the Porsche wheel. rat1.jpg rat2.jpg
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2015
  2. I own the universal hub and the new style GT wheel and for anyone interested this is a very nice product. Very customizable, well built, and you can attach just about any wheel rim you want to it. I love mine.
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  3. Hi Richard please could you message me your best price shipped to mainland UK. Thanks :)
  4. I think it will cost 33£, but I can check it on Friday in a GLS shop :)

    Maybe only 29£ with Insurance, with our national mail Post Danmark :)

    Is it too much?
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  5. Hello mate, thanks for checking postage for me. I have replied to your pm. Also do you know if Fanatec can transfer the remaining warranty?
  6. Thx Wade :)

    You still have the warranty, but the free shipping back after a repair, is only to the original buyer as I understand it. But no problem, you will ship it to them and they will return it to me for free AND I will ship it to you for free :) You can trust me, a deal is a deal :)
    The shipping to you after a repair, will be cheaper for me if it`s only the Hub :)
  7. I thought I had a deal with Wade, but no :)

    Still for sale :thumbsup:

    NEW PRICE.... :)
  8. Hi Richard

    I'm very much interested. I have PM'ed you. BTW I'm from Denmark too...
  9. Hi m8....

    I think it`s sold to a dane on iracingdanmark.dk :) But if not, you are next :)
  10. Please let me know. I will not bail out!
  11. I will for sure Zeljko :)
  12. Hi Richard, as said in the private message; upon review the wheel would be too small as its more suited to short fast turns of the steering. Shame as its a bargain and your a nice guy :)
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  13. I know :)

    No harm done :)

    Cy maybe on the racetracks some day :)
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